“I’m Free!” Beyonce “I Couldn’t Wait To Tell The World About My Baby” KnowlesTalks Pregnancy Backstage At The VMAs

- By Bossip Staff

As big as Beyonce‘s revelation at the VMAs may have been for the stans, MTV’s ratings and Hip-Hop as a whole, you know our excitement can’t begin to compare to what Mr. and Mrs. Knowles-Carter were feeling.

The super-happy Bey and Jay you saw on-screen were probably still holding it in a little. But that all changed backstage.

When Beyoncé returned backstage to her dressing room, she was greeted by a team of people who enveloped the visibly happy star with hugs, cheers and congratulations.

“I’m free!” she said to one of the well-wishers, indicating that she and Jay are thrilled to not have to keep such a big secret any longer. “We’re all free!” she said to the group.

A few minutes after her arrival backstage, she was joined by her husband, a very excited West (whose first words upon entering the dressing-room area were “Where is Beyoncé?” as if he could not wait to give B a huge hug) and her former Destiny’s Child ladies, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. Even with the doors to their dressing rooms closed, the applause and whoops of joy could be heard everywhere backstage.

“That was an eventful night, to say the least,” Jay, still smiling, said to some of the revelers in the hallway, who continued to shower him with congratulations and hugs.

The couple reportedly thought about holding their happy news in a little longer, but according to one of her “friends,” Bey just couldn’t keep this one to herself anymore.

She’s close to three months along,” an insider close to the music supercouple tells Us of the normally private star. “She wasn’t going to announce it but she is so excited she couldn’t hold it in.”

And the first-time dad Jay-Z (real name: Shawn Carter), 41, is just as pumped. “Jay is ecstatic and over the moon,” the insider says. “He really wanted this so badly.”

So far, the Grammy-winning duo haven’t found out the gender of their first child — and are keeping other details close to the vest. “They barely told anyone…They kept it really secret until they were sure,” the pal explains, “and now she simply couldn’t wait to tell the world!”

The baby news does complicate their professional lives, though — shooting for Beyonce’s high-profile film project A Star Is Born has been delayed, while Jay-Z has a big-time tour to deal with.

We don’t know how much weight to give this “source” though, because from looking at that belly, there’s no way Beyonce isn’t at least five months along. Plus, we KNOW Mama Tina wouldn’t let her be so public about a pregnancy before her first trimester was over.

Click here for pics of Bey showing off her gut full of Hubby Hov last night.

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  • Tk

    Congrats to the both of them…. It says Jay first kid but doesnt Jay already have a,kid he wont claim and doesnt take care of… Either way im happy for them a child is a blessing

  • M

    What does it say about jay as a father if he doesnt even spend enough time with his son for people to know he has one?

  • big c

    First was is this news millions of women get pregnant all the time . Secondly please let this child look like Bey please for the love of God.

  • Jaycee

    Wow folks! So since y’all heard a rumor some yrs back that he had a kid he didn’t claim y’all believe it? when the actual person says they don’t y’all don’t believe them? It’s much more fun to believe it’s a scandal huh? Smh congrats to the first time parents Bey and Jay!! I wish them both many blessings!!

  • name

    lol at this being his first child yea right…congratulations to them anyway..

  • congrats

    I never believed that rumor about Jay. He seems like if he had a child/children out there he’d be in their lives.people are too quick believe rumors but anyway Congrats to them I’m so happy for them and all I can say is finally!

  • devotee86

    I knew sumthin was up cuz jayz was all over the place last night…he let go during his performance and that’s rare…I’m so happy for them

  • jayz+bey + baby Carter = billionaire family

    The woman Jayz loves, his wife, the female he stood before God and their families with and proudly gave his name. Jayz’s wife is pregnant with their child. Jayz was so proud he was blushing. They were “making love” their child will not be a….opps too much!

  • YeezyTaughtMe

    I’m soooo happy for them, call me whatever u want but I almost shed a tear when I saw her hold her belly!! I grabbed my bf n said “OMG sheeesssss pregnant!!! Aaahhhh!!!” I called my girl and we both screeamed lol..I wish them the best and I don’t think she is 3 months, that belly look between 4-5 months. NEVER announce a pregnancy (other than to your better half)before your first trimester!! EVER! Congratulations!!!

  • amber2xs


  • sepia830

    Who gives a flying f—?! It’s MJ’s birthday today. RIP KOP

  • November

    I think its absolutely pathetic when boys don’t acknowledge their child because of their other relationship. He didn’t ask to be here! Smh… and that should give Bey a huge sign of what kind of dad he is….. I. Hate. It. When kids are treated poorly!

  • decks

    Smh@congrats ppl are also too quick to put these celebs on a pedostal and make them out to be perfect human beings. Jay Z obviously has other hidden kids, he’s just using his and bey’s money to pay off the baby mama’s so they can keep quiet.

  • jayz+bey + baby Carter = billionaire family

    Ok! Everyone knows there are baby mamas EVERYWHERE! STAY IN YOUR PLACE!


  • Westside cutie!!!!

    Definitely cosign @ November and @ decks! And @ decks u were right on with ur comment! Having money can do wonders for people who want things to just go away! People act like these celebrities are perfect and can’t do no wrong! The fans and Stans worshipping these celebrities like they are God is sad! I’m not saying u can’t have a favorite celebrities and like them but it gets out of hand when u might not agree with a Fan on a post about someone and they be ready to call u a hater and all kind of names! It’s crazy! But the Stans and Fans refuses to believe that JayZ has a child out there, the proof is just a click away! SMH!

  • http://Bossip CAramel Peach

    its bout damned time

  • bella

    But this is about Bey and her baby. Not about a woman that allowed her child to be kept secret like some dirty little thing. I’ve never heard him say no or yes about having a child. Maybe the mother doesn’t want her child in the spotlight. At the end of the day it’s his business not your’s.

  • Who's the baddest..... Sho-Nuff!

    Stop putting these two Mofo’s on a pedestal! @ common cents….. What do u mean he doesn’t strike u as man who deny they’re child? Please, Jay has a Son out there, it was already proven! @ Bella it is our business once they’re business hits the Internet, so please stop stanning ur not very good at it!

  • November

    @decks @westside @ Sho Nuff- Thanks for living in the real world with me!

  • jayz+bey + baby Carter = billionaire family

    Rflol…..baby mamas getting really upset!

    Sing Bey…if you want it ya better put a ring on it!

  • Congrats

    I’m not putting him on a pedestal or making him seem perfect. I just said I didn’t believe the rumors that he has a hidden child. What would be his reasoning be for hiding a child it doesn’t make sense, especially since I’ve heard him speak of wanting kids on numerous occasions. It is possible that rumors are made up. And don’t come with that he’s hiding the child from beyonce. I doubt she’d care if he did have children.

  • mesa

    Jealous …lol….stop freebee ing….tell him if you want it you better put a ring on it….baby mamas stop whining!

  • loc

    Where my comment?

  • Westside cutie!!!!

    @ jay+bey……. No baby mama here…. Been married to my husband for 10yrs and have an 8 year old… So u and yo’ stanning a** can have several seats!

  • November

    The Carters may have a lot of money but that ain’t going to mean ish when Bey gets that post pardem depression…. now that ain’t no joke. All moms get it… especially after their first born.

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