Did You Notice? Jay-Z Refused To Clap For Chris Brown At The VMAs [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

We all agree that Chris Breezy killed his VMA performance, but one such super millionaire wasn’t too enthused.

If you notice at the end of the performance, Kanye is all excited and clapping, but Jigga was sitting around nonplussed. Dude didn’t even stop sipping his Ciroc to even acknowledge that Brown was flipping around like he was filming The Matrix 4.

We suspect this has something to do with the fact that Jay always had huge problems with Breezy ever since he beat up The Camel’s “little sis” Rihanna. We see Jay hasn’t let bygones be bygones as was evident by his refusal to clap for Breezy last night. Damn, don’t get on Hov’s bad side.

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Pay attention to the 4:41 mark

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  • Westside cutie!!!!

    Well if that’s the case…. Then he needs to get over it! Obviously Rihanna has because from my understanding she still be keeping in touch with C-Breezy! JayZ needs to L. I. G (Let It Go) that crap cause Chris ain’t keeping money outta Jay’s pocket! So whats the problem?! ( Kanye Shrug)

  • Crown HIM!

    Jayz is not bit*h azz excitiable…….by anything! Chris Created it, won it, did it, put life in it…and brought Usher to his feet. RESPECT IT! CHRIS BODY FORM AND MOVES CLEARLY DEMONSTRATE THAT HE PUT HIS SIGNATURE ON AND MADE THE DANCE MOVES “HIS”.


  • http://www.tmz.com Tameshia

    Chris Brown IS NOT on JayZ’s payroll so I don’t think he cares if JayZ applauded or not. Folks need to move on!!

  • Wow

    I didn’t notice jayz and didn’t care. Jayz can hate and be mad all day and all night! Chris brown Is a great performer and he did his thing last night. If Rihanna over it( she followed him on Twitter) he need to get over it. It’s quite strange that he holds that much of a grudge over someone and something that had nothing to do with him. I bet it wasn’t for public opinion and people judging Chris and Rihanna still be hanging out. They fought she lost move on!!

  • Kitty

    Stop calling Rihanna Jay’s sister cause we all know he hit that!!

  • hatetilludie

    who gives a f*ck if gayz clapped for cbreezy? thats why hes blowin up. cuz haters like yall do what are hate

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