Dirty Dog Matrimony-dom: Tiki Barber Puts A Ring On His Lil Blonde Homewreckin’ Becky!

- By Bossip Staff

His divorce from the mother of his four kids isn’t even final yet, but Tiki Barber is turning his lil intern ho into a housewife.

Ex-Giants star Tiki Barber is planning another comeback — to married life.
The retired Big Blue grid great proposed to his girlfriend, Traci Lynn Johnson, 24, over the weekend, several people told The Post last night.
The pretty, blond Johnson is the former NBC intern for whom Barber, 36, left his wife Ginny in 2009 when she was pregnant with their twins.
“They got engaged,” said Mark Lepselter, Barber’s agent and close friend, of Tiki and Traci. “[Tiki’s] very happy, and he’s moving forward with his life.”
But Barber — who also is in the midst of trying to return to playing in the National Football League after a five-year hiatus — still has to get free from his wife.

His divorce from Ginny remains pending in Manhattan Supreme Court, where the couple have bitterly battled over money issues.
Barber declined comment, and Ginny Barber could not be reached for comment.
The Post first revealed last year how Barber, then a NBC’s “Today Show” correspondent, left his pregnant, longtime spouse for Johnson.
Ginny, who already had two young sons by the footballer, sued Barber soon after for divorce.
She then barred him from the hospital delivery room when she gave birth to their two baby girls in May 2010.
Tiki got more bad news later in 2010, when NBC declined to renew his contract.
Earlier this year, Barber announced that he would attempt a comeback to the NFL and began an arduous training regimen.
At the time, the Giants still held the rights to him under the two years remaining on his $8 million contract, which he walked away from in 2006. But the team was happy to let him out of that obligation because of lingering bad blood involving them and Barber, who had been publicly critical of quarterback Eli Manning and coach Tom Coughlin.
Barber was rumored to have been considered by several NFL teams but has had just one workout with a single team — the Miami Dolphins, who took a look at him and passed.
Still, “we remain very hopeful that something will happen,” Lepselter said. “He looks real good.”

SMH… What is wrong with these people? How do you get engaged when your arse is still married?!?! Traci gonna have herself one broke azz former baller since the Dolphins didn’t pick this guy up. At least she doesn’t have to worry about his azz chasin’ beckys with Reggie Bush…


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  • white male

    Nicca Dude’s live to eat out of my discarded trash cans and eat the pie faced bhudda box!

  • nikkislim

    This has nothing to do with race. This has to do with morals. He was with his wife while they were in school, so she’s not some chick who met and married him because he’s is/was a baller. He left her weeks before she was to give birth to his children. How low can you be? His post nfl career tanked. Guess what? KARMA is a mofo.
    Blondie best realize how she got him is the way she’s going to lose him. Idk why he left Ginny for this chick. Ginny is a way better looking woman then Blondie.
    Ginny take him for everything he has. Leave him nothing. Take care of you and those babies with his money, while he and Blondie gotta work a 9 to 5.

  • YeezyTaughtMe

    “And when he get on, he’ll leave yo azz for a white girl..” Smh @ this dude, on the other handd it takes two to tango..AND on the other hand his ex was pregnant :/..

  • team nymphis

    fast forward 8yrs

    Becky gets caught braining one of the kardashian brothers and tiki and his brother are slowly driving down the 110 freeway in L.A

  • white male

    @Real Rap

    Reality check: they banged them even knocked them NO WHITE MALE married any of those whose name you listed.

  • Dude

    @ real rap, you are absolutely right. blk man dont care it blk women date outside the race. blk women be so quick to say blk men cant handle a real woman. like other ethnicities of women aren’t real. then they so quick to say blk love….wtf is that? love is love, regardless to color.

  • Clara

    That girl is dumb!! Hes going to cheat on her too,infect her with diseases and will leave her with ugly black babies..Who would have kids by black men/women? GROSS!

  • gman

    Bald at 18.. Omg.. I can’t.. lol

  • loc

    Um what does this article have to do with blk women? i swear yall just cant get enough of us bringing us up every chance yall get…anyways…how can his broke azz afford to get married when he cant even afford to get divorced…Ginny get dat money girl!

  • homicidalbrainiac

    LMFAO@ nymphis! Good to see you back. ; )

  • decks

    It has everything to do with race, if that black dude didn’t have the money he has that white girl would not be dating him let alone marrying him. When she see’s him she see’s dollars signs.

  • Jayandnic's Mom

    @nymphis You my friend # HILARIOUS

  • LOL

    Lmfaoo hahaha @team nymphis…She will change her mind if she sees a black men with money,you bet,they love money.

  • Cici & Coco -The Besties

    LMAOOOOOOO omg !! Bald at 18! Wow!! BURNED! Tiki isnt even attractive nor smart or a man. I feel bad for his kids. Their father is a drag.

  • H@LE

    All light skinned, caramel skinned, brown skinned was created by this type of relationship. Why are you complaining? 90% of niccas want a white women! Look around! The only time dark skin, non-swirled black women appeared on any urban websites is when they are ridiculed.

  • white male

    Whoa, y’all shallow as a stream of piss! Cosigning and changing names to create support and put each other on blast on one post and the next trying to shout a holla! Sh!t funny as hellz swirls defending becksters loving and sexing baby daddy white boyz.

  • Westside cutie!!!!

    @ Dude….. Ur comment is so not true! If u find love with a white chick that’s genuine, then that’s great! However my issue is with black men who date a white women because they gave up on black women and uses the stereotypical excuse to why they don’t date them anymore! All black women are not ghetto or have a bad attitude, we are just strong women naturally and it takes a certian kind of MAN to handle that and not be intimidated! And the white people can have Tiki Barber…..we’re not checking for him! I say Ginny ring’em dry!

  • NAME

    Black,white,brown,green,yellow,blue…who cares? Love is love and if HE thinks he found it w this woman then so be it. Its not fair to categorize every man/woman of any and every race as a result of a failed relationship. I know I grea up w parent that were racist towards blacks and I am now married to a black man, even though it was drilled in my head not to. So, every race has “ghetto” people, every race has “loud mouth women” not just blacks.

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