Were You Watching? Basketball Wives: L.A. Was A Hot Azz Mess!!! Old Broads Talking Mad Yang And Young BabyMamas Brawling!

- By Bossip Staff

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The newest Basketball Wives franchise kicked off Monday night and we were sad to see when it came to drama the isht wasn’t no better than that original… Okay so now we understand what Shaunie was talking about. Basketball Wives L.A. is a bit of a mess…

First of all the cast is an odd hodge-podge of old wives (Jackie Christie, Tanya Williams, Kimsha Artest) a new young wife (Malaysia Pargo) and some future NBA Wife Hopefuls/BabyMamas (Laura and Gloria Govan) as well as a former fiance’ baby mama (Imani Showalter) and Gloria’s acting buddy/jumpoff/groupie (Draya Michele). The idea of these women getting together for drinks in life, much less Texas Hold ‘Em seemed improbable.

For the most part the premiere episode was kinda of a snooze. No we didn’t need to see Kimsha and Malaysia go shopping to understand they have nothing in common. Although it was kind of refreshing to see Malaysia kick with her family in Compton, since the other women’s impression of her has been that she’s super bougie. But there was some drama last night — the highlight of the episode was likely the drinks meeting where Jackie Christie tries to set it off with Tanya Williams by asking “Who the EFF are you?” and ironically Jackie and Imani end up breaking up a near fight between Malaysia (who has an 8-month-old) and Laura (whose 3-week-old baby is so new she still looks like she’s toting a gut full).

We haven’t always been the biggest supporter of model/groupie Draya Michele known for putting her relationship with Christ Brown on blast via Twitter, but she won extra cool points last night by asking after a confrontational lunch with Gloria Govan. “Am I a groupie? Are you [Gloria]? Were you?”

Excellent question. For those of you who were watching. Who do you think will bring the most drama this season?

More screenshots from the show and photos from the NY Premiere of Basketball Wives: L.A. below:

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  • southernswagg

    Maaaaane!!! I think the sh!t starters based on last nite will be old azz jackie who obviously started goin in on tanya(who is the most positive on the show)for nothing and lauras big bad built azz for starting sh!t with malaysia(who is my favorite on the show so far) I think somebody else we should look out for is draya, for some reason I feel she’s gonna be full of surprises on this show

  • hateddit

    I don’t like this one. The drama seemed force and fake. And these women don’t match.Its like They threw them together and said make it work. The Miami cast seem like They belong together. It was like everybody trying to be tough.I give this one one season. And Gloria when she became the head wife? Oops fiancée

  • http://bossip.com Guest

    Gloria trying to act like Shaunie. Like she the head honcho. Broad please your not even married. They just threw things together with the LA cast. Them broads sick except for Malaysia. She’s not playing they games.

  • Name

    I liked Malaysia, she seems down to earth the one I couldn’t stand was Kimsha, like we get it, u don’t wanna be all glammed up, u wanna “stay true to yourself” aka ghetto but why do u have to put down ppl that like shopping and wanna look good? I can’t stand ppl like that, u wanna be a dirty hood rat BE that but don’t knock my image bc u don’t like it. And if its so bad,WHY THE FK R U ON TV??!! Obviously u like some type of attention stupid rat!

  • 601diva

    Fact check, gloria ain’t runnin a damn thing. She wants to be like Shaunie, be never will be. First, she’s never been married and her paper ain’t long like hers.
    She got nerves tryin to throw shade on that gurl draya, sayin she a hoe n groupie but correct if wrong, gloria plain jane lookn azz used to date charles woodson and baron davis, who was a teammate of matts back in the day. She was progo ten months after tthey met. But she ain’t a hoe. Bish plz. Laura? Gurl why you shaped up like a linebacker? That’s one big outta shape broad. this show won’t return for a season 2.

  • Westside cutie!!!!

    @ name….. U told her!!!!! Two snaps and a swirl!!! Lol! She was taking ur comment lil’ too personal!

  • NAME

    @Lauren & WeastsideCutie: Thanks! I’m all for people stating their opinions, she had hers about the women on the show and I have mine. If there is a disagreement then just say “hey I don’t agree w u and this is why…” And maybe that’ll change my opinion and when ppl do change my opinion I would gladly come back n say “yea you’re right, I didn’t see it from that point of view” but the whole stfu, b*tch, “go have several seats” is not for me. Again, that’s just me and others don’t have to agree w it.

  • Day-Day

    Umm…did anybody else see that it said Kimsha was the “partner” of Ron Artest?? So they’re not really married correct?

  • Westside cutie!!!!

    @ Day-Day……. From my understanding they just announced a couple of months ago that they have been either separated or divorced for quite sometime now! Everybody up until that point thought they been happily married all this time, but they are still close! I guess they decided not to keep up the facade!

  • Cici & Coco -The Besties

    The whole show bores me.

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