Destiny’s Child: Other Men Who Had A Chance To Get Beyonce Pregnant

- By Bossip Staff

While Beyonce has made every headline in the nation with the announcement of her little Jigga in the oven, there are a few men who should be kicking themselves for not being the baby’s father.

Although she hinted in an interview two years ago with Los Angeles Confidential that Jay-Z was her first, there have been some rumors and speculations that say different.

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  • those other kinds of marriages are a joke

    And as usual Bey & Mimi made smart move….status is very important in human societies! Shitz go bad you and yours got rights!

  • southernswagg

    I don’t beleave they are actually together I never have and probably ever will…No hate intended but I just will never understand what why a woman like beyonce would even want people to think she is with a old ugly dude like jay z…again shade intended

  • deedee

    Oh wow. That list proves that being the cute one in the relationship is very important to Beyonce.

    Also, whoever wrote the last line of that article “cuff ya chick bruh”…yeah you need take some time off until you graduate middle school and THEN take another stab at this whole blogging thing. Ugh.

  • giqueen

    Yall forgot Chico Debarge!!! LMAO

  • jazzy

    Its a fake relationship. When have u seen these to display public affection? Why all the secrecy? This is a illumanati marriage. They are superstars with a lot of power to manipulate and brainwash.

  • L

    I won’t believe jack till I see the proof…people speculate over the smallest things…

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