Racist Quote Of The Day: Glenn “Douchebag” Beck Doesn’t Understand Why White People Have To “Feel Bad” About Saying “Colored” [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

This guy is still talking isht!

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Watch and discuss!

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  • Ms. Degable

    Somebody needs 2 pimp slap dis fool… The shyt dat come out of his mouth is just sickening…

  • http://www.bossip.com Beauty

    Okay uncolored sounds good to him???

  • Nik

    He just talks to see what people are going to say. Ignore him!!!

  • arabjayz

    They don’t feel bad they call everything colored nikka!

  • chris

    I agree with the title I personally don’t agree with African American I hate that I’m not from there at all!

  • bootsey

    @ chris
    shut your colored azz up then !

  • Dude

    Bosstp, stfu. He’s 100% right this time. I am an american who just happens to be black. Yall need to chill out and quit trying to make more out of things than what it really is.

  • d.j.mase70

    Once again ignorance on display. If he(or anybody else) doesn’t understand the historical stain that that word leaves on people then well eff him and anybody else that agrees. That word is demeaning because it comes from a very dark period in this country. The symbolism of “Coloreds Only” represents when we were not allowed to drink from the same fountains, eat at the same restaurants, stay in the same hotels. Ask any older black man or woman and they will explain to you what is wrong with using that word!

  • arabjayz

    good luck explaining colored only they think the the entire civil rights movement was about the right to swirl!

  • jay

    If u say colored is bad but when u say black , black people get ofended too so I just try not to say anything. What the correct word than?



  • MissKayasha

    If this was the “n” word and he said he don’t see what’s wrong with using it today too address black people-the unity of us damnin him would feel mutual even though both words have negative connotations thanks to its past. So, this word should be treated with the same distain and insult like like the N word, especially when it leaves a Caucasian’s mouth and because their is not enough of black people that demands respect when someone like him gets out of line, people like him keeps talking, while you got the few who tries to defend our rights and explain why his way of thinking on this is just completely ignorant, we are declare overly sensitive to race issues and blame everything on discrimination. *sigh* its like some of you guys don’t even got pride to be black and live only to the standard the world expects from “dark skin” people. And nobody should mind being called African American because our ancestors are rooted in Africa and like it or not the bloodline of them flows in us. For me its a sense of pride from where were i know im originally from.

  • ReAna

    You guys are stupid and the most closed minded people I have seen in my life!!!! I agree with him and I am black..I hate!!!when someone says I’m African American, i am not from Africa. I am just black. Just like he’s white. Us as blacks have to make white people more comfortable to use the word black because they honestly don’t know which word would be less offensive. White people have a “built -in” guilt about how their ANCESTORS used to treat us. Don’t be mad at him. Colored is used oversees and it has a very different meaning to them. The other guy is stating some facts, but dont kno any better. You guys are so stupid, and its sad. It’s 2011 people. Act like it. Let’s teach them, instead of attacking them all the time. THEY DON’T KNOW.

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