Hoodwinked And Bamboozled: Woman Buys A Block Of Wood Thinking It’s An iPad

- By Bossip Staff

Got. This is how you get got.

A woman was in a McDonald’s parking lot where she was approached by two men with an iPad box. They said they’d charge her $300 for it. When the woman, Ashley McDowell, told them that she only had $180, they agreed to give her a deal and sell her the iPad.

When she got home, though, she saw a block of wood with the Apple logo on it! How the hell do you spend $180 on a box in a McDonald’s parking lot and not even crack open the box? On top of that, why did the criminals even go through the trouble of putting an Apple logo on a piece of wood as if that would fool anyone?

What makes it worse is that the woman pressed charges, but SHE was the one trying to buy boosted products in the drive-thru. This whole mess is full of people that are total idiots. SMH.

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