If I Were A Boy: Peep The Digital Image Of What Bey-Bey And Hubby Hov’s Child Might Look Like!

- By Bossip Staff

Wait til you get a load of THIS!!

According to TMZ reports:

It’s a little creepy … but THIS is how Beyonce and Jay Z’s kid might look … if it’s a boy — at least according to one famous forensic artist.

Dr. D’Lynn Waldron — who’s worked as a consultant for the FBI — has just released a new digital image … showing how she thinks the kid will look … after he’s old enough to pop his own collar.

Waldron believes the kid will have his “father’s features, mother’s eyes.”

No pressure, kid.

What do you think of the artist depiction of “The Carter I”??

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  • http://google Blue

    If the kid gets the nose they have the loot to have it fixed.

  • missK

    Geez people are so obsessed! Let God take control!

  • BossyChic76

    Too cute!

  • TIT_4_TAT

    This is crazy all ppl should care about is that it’s healthy. Bey lives a very busy life so let her ENJOY this moment. Looks who cares his parents are RICH. An Looks Fade

  • gina

    Handsome male children often favor their mother. That little man is very cute. May God bless their union with healthy beautiful children. Maybe twins :-).

    My Mother cracks me up whenever she hears any female is expecting a child she smiles, will congratulate a total stranger and tries to pamper any and every female she comes in contact with. My mother is not a pet or critter loving person. However is she sees anything female preggers or with its babies she smiles and compliments.

  • Mila

    Too cute!Call me crazy but Jay isn’t uber ugly to me.His smile is very attractive.But come on now,nobody will be able to tell what the baby will look like untill a 4D ultrasound,and even then they can be off.Genetics is a very funny thing,my oldest daughter looks EXACTLY like her papi,and our youngest favors me more,she looks a lot like our 1st but a different nose and more of a cinnamon color instead of a high yellow.Kids with the same parents can come out looking like strangers and you have no way of predicting what features they will come out with.Baby Hov may come out with a “strong” nose but will still be a cutie.

  • YeezyTaughtMe

    Aww cute!! I’m a Beyonce fan ever since her Destiny days but honestly… ENOUGH!! Jay was right “I’m sorry Jr, I already ruined ya, cause u aint even here and papparazzi persuing ya!” Like live the poor fetus alone!!! It was news sunday and maybe even monday, stop milking the sh*t out of it!! Still love them though 🙂

  • YeezyTaughtMe


  • Tishon

    Who cares! Dam as long as the child is healthy, beyonce is human, its too many people r too hung over with this broad. Fantasia is pregnant too ooh but she is critisized because she is dark skin not married n pregnant by someone who is married.

  • Westside cutie!!!!

    Man, I was on Sandra Rose and they had a pic of what the baby will look like and when I saw their version of the baby….I almost spit my juice out! The pic looked nothing like this pic! I was laughing because the picture was jigga with beYAWNce’s wig on! If y’all can, go on sandra’s website and look at that pic it’s hilarious!

  • Rickson

    The Knowles have extremely strong gene’s. Daniel (Solange’s son) is the spitting image of Tina Knowles (Bey’s mom) so it’s a win win!!! He gone be cute tho (or she).

  • Westside cutie!!!!

    Cosign @ Kutta Mo.Fo…… Man, I wouldn’t be surprised either…. Matter of fact this whole pregnancy thing seems fishy to me because it’s way too much hype! These people act like she’s Eve, the first woman to have a child! This s**t is ridiculous!

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