A “Lil Positivity” A Crazy Honest Fan Returns Chris Breezy’s Iced-Out $22,000 Rolex At The VMAs!!

- By Bossip Staff

“Throw ya Rollies in the sky, wave ’em side to side, and keep ya hands high”-Notorious B.I.G.

Chris Brown thought his $22,000 diamond encrusted Rolex was gone forever, when he accidentally tossed it into the crowd at the MTV VMAs but lucky for him, he was wrong.

Brown’s watch, a gold Rolex with a white oyster face and diamond-encrusted bezel came loose at the beginning of his performance, he took it off and tried to toss it to a safe place. But Brown missed his target and the watch ended up in the crowd.

After the performance, Brown’s bodyguard went into the audience and asked if anyone had found the watch, not expecting anyone to come forward. To his surprise, the watch was in the possession of an honest person, who returned it Brown.

A rep for Brown confirms, “Although Chris did not get to meet the fan, he is very appreciative of the fan’s actions.”

This is one stupid muthaf@#$a very forthright individual. Some of y’all @$$es would have been burnin’ rubber down to the pawn shop! Breezy should have broke the fan off a couple stacks, or at LEAST come to personally say ‘thank you’ and take a picture or somethin’!

Ninjas boy…SMH


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  • Wow

    One dumb fan . N chris is,lame him self this is,the thanks ppl gt

  • Blue Moon

    Yea I agree he should have at least said “thank u” 2 da fan personally and gave dem a hug n took pix or sumn…I would’ve done da same thing da fan did..I didn’t know stealing was no longer immoral or a sin. #shrug

  • Eboni

    That’s messed up Chris! You could have at least thanked them in person. Smh you ain’t that damn cute lil boy

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