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A viral video showing a group of young daredevils “train surfing” in suburban Mumbai has India’s railway officials flipping out.

The jaw-dropping 2-minute clip appears to have been posted to YouTube within the last week.

In it, a group of teen stuntmen hang off the side of the speeding train, leaping up to slap passing pylons and dangling by their fingertips from the bottom of the car.


One lanky young hotdog is particularly brazen, at one point hopping onto a concrete ledge and running alongside the train – without losing his grip.

Indian railway officials said the boys in the video came close to losing their lives, and warned others against jumping on the train-surfing bandwagon.

“It is a dangerous and an insane act of rashness, which nobody should replicate. Nobody should praise or sensationalize the clip,” Sharat Chandrayan, a spokesman for India’s Western Railways, told the Times of India.

VA Malegaonkar, a spokesman for Central Railway, which officials think operates the train shown in the video, said the boys were risking their lives for a few moments of fleeting fame.

“I appeal to people to not replicate this act, as it is extremely risky,” he told the Times.

Commuters say that young men often pull the reckless stunts near the cars reserved for female passengers in order to impress girls.

Train-hopping and fare-dodging isn’t new in India, particularly among the country’s youth.

Scammers caught illegally hitching a ride or travelling on a train’s roof can be fined up to 500 rupees – about $11 – or jailed for three months.

Officials and rail activists urged commuters who spot train surfers to alert conductors, and some suggested that riders pull the emergency cord to stop the train.



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