Is Paris Hilton Swirling It Up With This Tall Glass Of Mello Yellow?

- By Bossip Staff

Uh huh, we see you Paris… Somebody peeped how much gwap Kimmy Cakes has been caking since hooking up with her boo and decided to get a tall lightskinned brother of her own huh? Just kidding… We have no idea whether or not this guy — DJ Afrojack is piping Paris or not (for his sake we hope not) but they were spotted by paps at the airport in Paris.

Paris and her DJ are headed to Mallorca. The heiress has reportedly been working on a new house music album. How rad.


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  • southern twist

    Stupid article !! Dude ain’t piping sheez um isn’t this the same broad that said she thought black guys were gross??? Chick not into them trust me has bedded down everything else and side note she looking at dude like give me fifty feet!!!

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