Swizz Beatz Says His Biggest Accomplishment Was Getting Out The Hood, He Admires Honesty, And Doesn’t Regret A Damn Thing About Anything

- By Bossip Staff

Now that the whole world is convinced that Swizzy is a genius, people are allowing him to blatantly contradict his life with his words without asking him to explain a thang.

Uptown Magazine decided to take a trip into that little misshapen head of his and watched him pull this out.

The trait I admire most in a woman is…

The trait I admire most in a man is…

Ummm, but… and… we’re so confused! Here are some more interesting tidbits from the mind of the Beak.

My greatest accomplishment is…
Getting out of the ’hood. Straight up. To be able to get out of the mix and wake up in the middle of the Mediterranean somewhere is a super blessing.

My greatest regret is…
Things that I probably should regret, I don’t because if I didn’t go through certain things, I wouldn’t have been able to elevate. I can offer a generic regret: I regret signing a publishing deal.

We find it really hard to believe that that would be the only “generic regret” this man has considering all of the dirty doggery in his past. But whatever works, right?


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