Seen On The Scene: Kandi Launches Her New Line Of “Man-Part Replacing” Toys With A Little Help From Her Friends

- By Bossip Staff

Kandi celebrated the launch of her new line of intimate products in Atlanta yesterday with a little help from some fans, some massaging strippers, and a few of her celebrity friends.

Everyone seemed to have a good time, between the nuvo, half nekked waiters, and sensual massages… but just in case, Kandi gave them all a nice little goodie bag to take home and test out.

Check out who came through and celebrated with her.

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  • Bfearless

    Kandi is real she’s a freak and is proud of it

  • The Audacity

    I love Kandi, she’s always Branding herself!

  • team nymphis


    Best way to put her to sleep is to penetrate anally while simultaneously bashing her forehead into wall.zzzz

  • Satan

    You tapped out azz bit@h a** men can’t get her done with your own pitiful equipment! You gotta lick out da puzy like a dog, stick plastic beads up your woman’s sh!t hole. Bit@h beating with a egg blender too! No wonder surgeons are throwing uteruses in the trash everyday! Piss leaking and dookie running…trifling azz humans 30 years old wearing depends and stinking!

  • gina

    Y’all been some males Bottom Bit@h..lmao…dead azz give away EXPOSED YOURSELVES AGAIN ….y’all talking that stuff trying to roll up on each other…y’all two hoes! 🙂

  • gina

    @ Rflol..nymphis and geezkryderz trying entice with each other about their booty banging skills so they can hookup! LMAO….TWO MONSTERS …..LOL RFFLOL LMAO TWO SHITZZ TALKING BOTTOM BIT@HE’S….Y’ALL BETTER HURRY UP AND CHANGE YOUR “BY”


  • loc

    @gina why did you feel so strongly about ur comment that you had to comment 10 min later saying the same basic sh/t….Gina must not have job bc she be on every article talking sh/t i guess you’re part of the 16% of black unemployed..

  • gina

    @XOXO stop trolling. Your they cosiging trash nymphis and geezdrkrez piss on and bang head into walls when the get through ripping out each others anus! 🙂

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