Kush Chronic-les: Woman Accidentally Brings Pot Brownies To Canadian Co-Workers

- By Bossip Staff

Looks like “happy hour” came a lil early at this office.

Coffee break brought on more than a caffeine buzz for some Victoria office workers who unwittingly nibbled marijuana-laden brownies this week.

Victoria police said they received a call Monday of a possible poisoning at a downtown office building on Vancouver Street. Three employees, all at once, had been taken to hospital with similar symptoms, including light-headedness, numbness in the limbs and disorientation.

Investigations led to the office refrigerator and some brownies which, it turned out, had been baked with marijuana. Further inquiries revealed all three workers had eaten the baked treats.

The brownies had been brought in by one woman who had discovered them in her freezer at home. Her son had baked the chocolate treats a year ago, stored them in the freezer and forgotten about them.

The investigating officer confronted the son, who admitted to baking the brownies.

No action was taken even though a criminal charge of possession of a controlled substance or administering a noxious substance could have been laid. However, it is expected that the son will take part in community work to hold him accountable.

Party, party, party, let’s all get wasted! Burr!


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  • team nymphis

    Hey debbie! Isn’t it weird how we’re hungrier after eating?

  • Asad

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  • Taha

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  • Taha

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  • homicidalbrainiac

    Year-old brownies?? Yuck! Why didn’t she just pick something up at a bakery? That would have saved everyone some trouble. Plus, you’re not suppose to scarf down pot brownies the way you would regular ones. No wonder these unsuspecting people freaked out.

  • whosthatgirl

    Where in the article does it say she’s white??? Everything ALWAYS gotta be about race on this site

  • Juice

    Uh the part about keeping brownies in thebfreezer for a year?…The part where no one was charged?…Lets us know this is a White woman!!

  • Got that Right

    Some freezer-burnt azz pot brownies… Deny her raise!! She ain’t worthy!

  • Steelcitychick

    Lol….obviously if the woman brought yr old brownies from the freezer, she doesn’t give a shyt about her co-workers….too funny!….I imagine productivity was down that day!

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