Who Is My Famous Big Sister?

- By Bossip Staff

This year, this young man’s big sister has parlayed her success as a pop-star and controversial role model into a new career as a government official. Can you guess who he’s related to?

Meet Rihanna‘s little brother Rajad, getting his first taste of that paparrazzi life out in Hollyweird. He looks like he’s liking it a little too much. And Rihanna look annoyed as hell.

At least it’s good practice for when she adopts that Haitian baby.

Owen Beiny/WENN.com

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  • kendra

    Now dear lord u kno tis unfair to hav riri carry d responsibility of dis forehead alone! Y is rajad not helpin her out???

  • loc

    I could tell that was his sister bc they both got that lil ugly nose

  • tydye1

    Lmfao @ kendra

  • Toshiona

    @johnetta ~u sound like a low self esteem, color struck dummy.

  • Mila

    Btw Rajad is a lil cutie.Much cuter than his sis but he def needs a haircut to cut them beanz!

  • judy

    Johnetta u sound like a fkn idiot! Having lighter skin has nothing to do with good genes!

  • M

    Johnetta, you are just plain ignorant.

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