Labor Day Weekend Lovin: Dwyane Wade Step-Mommy Gabby Hotcakes Do The Beach With The Boys In Miami

- By Bossip Staff

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  • Meekie

    They ALL Look happy and healthy. I am a fan of both. I am also happy they dont let what the haters or negative people say about them. GOD BLESS

  • Pashun

    He looks like an awesome dad who’s doing his job. It’s unfortunate they’re mom isn’t there w/ them everyday but it’s important they’re growing up in a loving environment. Everyone looks happy.

    Luvs it

  • Christielove1468

    Dwyane has a very nice physique! He and Gabby are a gorgeous couple,they have excellent chemistry especially Dwyane is a capricorn and Gabby is a scorpio(like me). Those two signs are very compatible together. Zion and Zaire are so handsome. Dwyane is an excellent dad and its beautiful seeing good black fathers love their children.

  • Christielove1468

    @Team Nymphis: Wow,I know thats right!! Two scorpios can be dangerous together,If you know what I mean? *wink,wink!*

  • tt

    U see the pic with the nanny in the back?? Geez these folks can’t even take care of their own kids at the beach!

  • Ms.SouthCarolina

    At least she ain’t a white girl!

  • theres_always_one

    @ tt…so!?! The last time we went to the beach I wish I’d had a nanny! And as much as she gets paid I’m sure she isn’t complaining. Of course a parent’s responsibility is to lovingly take care of and spend quality time with their child/children and you can’t tell me Dwayne isn’t doing that. Now there are PLENTY of celebrity children who seem to be raised by their nannies, but not these kids. Ppl always find something to complain about.

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