Must Be Nice: Baby Belly Totin’ BeyBey’s 30th B’Day Romantic Dinner With Hubby Hov… In Italy!

- By Bossip Staff

You’d think maybe since BeyBey and Hubby Hov have that gut full to tend to they might spend her bday doing the lowkey usual Sunday dinner at Nellos… but noooooooo they went all the way to Venice to get their Italian dinner!

King B rocked her Mufasa steez along with a blue-printed max with gold straps out to dinner with the hubs -who kept it simple in jeans and a white shirt. You likey? Happy B’Day Mama!

The couple spent the day yachting it up with friends including Gwyneth Paltrow. Check out more photos below:

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  • yea!

    This is what rihanna is dying for! I remember when rihanna was having the time of her life 1 month ago very pic u see of her she’s laughing and dancing and right after beyonce announced she was preggos very pic u see of her she’s sad,not smiling,skin oily….poor gurl close ur legs to marry men gurl!

  • Carterbabywatch

    Bey will be a timeless beauty!

  • Mrs. Rance

    I likey. They should be having fun. The baby will make huge demands on them. Get it in is what I say.

  • Sugar

    Sweet! I cannot WAIT to see what the baby looks like! Dang! The suspense is killing me!

  • Sugar

    Sweet! I cannot WAIT to see who the baby looks like! The suspense is killing me!

  • Joyce

    Get a life ^^^ seriously.

  • Shana

    @Joyce: AGREED!

  • Pookie

    They don’t look happy in the main pic like they been arguing.

  • tisha devore

    A lot of ppl have a lot 2 say – “they don’t look happy….blah blah blah” they flew 2 another country 2 have a b-day dinner 4 his wife. sounds happy 2 me. maybe the damn cameras everywhere was a damper….it wad suppose 2 b a romantic evening. some haters need to get a life. 10 years strong means something nowadays. and millions/billions 2gether…definitely means something. Mind ur own business.. love prevails ALL…Houston’s own…..Happy Birthday Bey and wishing and yours many many more years of happiness.

  • ga

    I was in venice earlier…bad timing i guess.

  • ga

    I was in venice earlier. Bad timing i guess.

  • Khume2010

    The paparazzi is probably bothering them if anything…beautiful couple!

  • Khume2010

    the paparazzi were probably aggravating them if anything

  • Angel

    @Tisha Devore Since when does saying “they don’t look happy” make you a “hater”?? “mind ur own business” It isn’t your business either but you just got involved so why can’t other people?? I LOVE Beyonce and I’m so happy for them but they’re not God and all babies are precious!!! Some of you are taking this too personal.

  • KKO

    Last picture is just soooo adorable 🙂 and can we all just get along and be happy for this woman and her hubby! Can I get a AMEN? *GROUP HUG*

  • team nymphis

    wow! Some of y’all put too much feeling into these celebrities.I mean really, has anything they’ve done improved your life?if we cared as much about the person next to you,with whom we have more in common…maybe we wouldn’t be as fckd as we are.

  • SweetMahogony

    All we can do is Congratulate Bey & Jay only reason they told the world is a pregnancy is something you cant hide but I doubt that when she does have the baby we probably wont see it at all and they will be back to the private couple like before….

  • King Beef

    Good for them.

  • Chelle

    Damn….get off the nut sack! Who gives a rats azz….they’re rich…we all know that. Bythces have babies everyday. Because it’s Beyounce & Jay-Z it’s a big deal????? Move on already….once the baby gets here ya’ll will still be riddin the strap….guess I wasted my time on this post…lol

  • love

    Wow, she looks beautiful…She &. Jay look great…many blessings.

  • prissa

    I don’t mean 2 b skeptical but i don’t see a bump in the pic where she’s wearing the white pants. Her belly looks flat as a board. It may b stupid but I think she wears a fake bump and has someone else carrying the baby 4 her. But we’ll see as the months go along.

  • Adele

    Beyonce’s baby bump is like Nikki’s prostetic hips as arse, its a performance piece…

  • prettynana43

    AWWWWW, I luv them! I’m sorry I’m late HAppy Birthday Queen Bey! Congrats on the baby! KING JAY n QUeeN BEy! KEEP SHINING N STAY BLESSED 🙂

  • November

    Prissa.. I was thinking the samething!

  • TxGyRl

    Yeah Mama Tina definitely has some stong genes cuz that baby that Papa Knowles had w/his mistress looks every bit of Beyonce. Congrats Bey and Jay. Hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy. I guess Kimmy Cakes will be next or Kate Middleton, perhaps…

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