Twitter Files: To Whom Is Monica Throwing These Subliminal Tweets??

- By Bossip Staff

If you were paying attention to Monica’s Twitter feed on Friday, you might have peeped this…

Sounds pretty serious, doesn’t it? We can probably guess who you thought she was talking to… because that’s who we thought too.

But a scroll through her timeline tells us she was probably not talking to these three R&B singers…

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  • Nana

    Mo needs to take her emo azz all the way……….>Over there!

  • Greeneyedbandit

    Im starting to see monica a different way now. SO FAKE!

  • Mesha

    Mo is the realist and so humble. Honestly I don’t think it has to do with anyone in the industry. Why does it always have to be beef amongst those in the industry? She has people close to her outside the industry to. She’s not really one to beat around the bush so…. Also, I see that she tend to give her fans advice about situation that have occurred I’m her life. I love her advice.

  • Nana

    Mo doesn’t seem fake to me just too emotional! Smh

  • Greeneyedbandit

    @nana,i jus didnt like how she was riding for lil kim after kim dissed her bestie?keyshia cole.but hey, wtf am i to judge her loyalness?! Lol

  • King Beef

    Being from the A, I meet Monica a few times. She was real sweet to my daughter taking a few pics. She is real down to earth and easy to relate to. I don?t who she tweeting about, all I know is my personal opinion of her is she?s a round the way woman.

  • yallaintchit

    Monica is fake. She is not what she appears to be. Monica is an ex drug addict that use to sleep outside of prison for C Murder. And had a train ran on her by the whole No Limit back in the day. She also slept with married men and was very promiscuous. She is no angel. She only married Shannon out of spite because Rocko wasn’t gonna wife up someone thats been ran through and they still get it in from time to time. Yall can believe her lying azz if yall want but she knows the truth. Oh and that train that all them dudes ran on her is on tape.

  • Charlene

    OMG….that story so damn bogus. Welcome sharmaine or Sade whatever Shannon babymomma name is . Every Monica post she chimes in with this bs. A Monica tape. Girl go sit down, everybody knows Monica didn’t marry Rocko aka one hit wonder because she didn’t want to pay him alimony. Way to upgrade Monica and honestly I feel all her tweets. Death before dishonor . Her tweets were clearly not meant at any artist. I do agree if it was a no limit tape them broke dudes would be quick to sale it. But they didn’t cause there isn’t one. Get over it boo. Shannon loved it and put a ring on it

  • ARareBreed

    @ yallaintchit: You ain’t $hit for posting that b.s.

  • onelove23

    Laughing at Shannon baby mama. So immature…. She needs to grow up really and get over it. Be an adult for your child because whether you like it or not Monica is Shannons wife and for the next 16+ years you will have to deal with her in his life. Realize your life will never be right until you do right by others. Be a blessing not a curse.

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