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Awwww, pobrecita Sarah:

Republicans have seemingly grown tired of Sarah Palin’s teasing about running for President, and have decided she should just stay out of it. A shocking 71% say the former reality TV star should not run for the White House in 2012, according to a Fox News poll. Only 25% of those asked the question, “Do you think Sarah Palin should run for president in 2012 or not?” responded “Yes.” Another 4% said “Don’t Know.”

Of those who identified themselves as Tea Partiers, 66% said Palin should not run. Only 28% said she should, while 5% said they didn’t know. The poll comes after the half-term ex-Alaskan governor teased Iowa with an appearance at a poorly-attended Tea Party rally where she once again refused to say if she was going to join the race for Commander in Chief.

Palin was quick to brush off the poll, ironically conducted by the same news network that often champions her as a contributor. “Polls? Nah… they’re for strippers and cross country skiers,” she said over the weekend.




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