Would You Take Sex Advice From Jackie Christie And The Rest Of The L.A. “Wives”???

- By Bossip Staff

Of course the world would not be complete without a manual by one of these Basketball Wives, and since she’s the only one with a ring on it, Jackie has taken the lead in the literature department.

No really: Jackie Christie from Basketball Wives L.A. is writing a book. And it’s about sex.

It’s called, Sexual Relations: His and Hers Guide to Greater Intimacy. All my Cast mates are gonna guest-author a chapter each, so I’m excited about that and there will be about seven or eight surprise celebrity guests as well, who will write in it. But it will be showing single people, couples, everybody out there, a few key things about what’s missing nowadays in relationships. I talk about my experiences and give a few tips, there will be expert opinions in there and the girls will all write about some of their experiences too, so it’s a joint project. It’s gonna be great and I’m glad they’re a part of it.

Okay… eew. And why???


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  • Westside cutie!!!!

    Okay so now we’re suppose to take this chick seriously? From her wrap sheet I wouldn’t be surprised if she have a chapter on how she ties Doug up and whoops him silly and makes him tell her how pretty she is and makes him promise he won’t leave her for a groupie! Lol! I guess anything for a buck! This is comical!

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