Bawse: Ricky Rozay And His Maybach Music Group Cover This Month’s XXL Magazine

- By Bossip Staff

Looks like Rick Ross and his crew are primed for a Hip-Hop takeover.

Ross and his guys cover the October issue of XXL and had some interesting things to say, including what inspires him to make his music:

“When I make music, I go back to my late nights of me by myself, listening to Curtis Mayfield or R. Kelly’s 12 Play,” he says. “There’s certain depths that music can take you to. There’s certain feels that you need to have. When you get to the last song on the album, I want you to have that feeling of being whole. I want to give these muthaf***as classic joints. That means more to me than anything else.”

And here’s the word from Pill, one of MMG’s rising stars:

“I think it’s a plus that everybody got their own fan base, they got their own thing rocking in their own city, and they got their own representation of what they stand for,” Pill says. “So when everyone comes together, that’s all the fan bases combined. It’s a blessing to be able to rock with a bunch of different guys that are passionate about the craft and that know where they going and actually can foresee the future, when it comes to their music. I think that gives us a stronghold and a bit of longevity. And kind of an advantage also.”

Pick up the issue on September 20th.

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