Attention Whores: Superhead Wants You To Believe She Let Weezy Have The Business

- By Bossip Staff

Wait… didn’t she officially become a REFORMED ho and retire from the business of screwing rappers and telling the world?

This popped up on Karrine Steffans-McCrary’s Tumblr.

Along with the caption:

Sometimes the artist is so influential, everything he touches seems to turn into art.

Or maybe I’m just biased.

This is what a Monday morning looks like in Wayne’s world.


First of all, should she be having random escapades with random folks when her last name is still Steffans-McCrary?? Second of all, isn’t she old enough to be Weezy’s mom? And last, we ask again: didn’t she give this bird isht up for a shot at legitimacy as an author?


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  • Kutta Mo.Fo.

    Once a ho, ALWAYS a ho. SMH at anybody who truly thinks she’s reformed.

  • Kutta Mo.Fo.

    And this ain’t the first time I’ve heard of them hookin up. I mean she’s a h*o, he’s a rapper, it’s natural. I read on a reliable site though that she let Weezy f*uck raw and put herself at risk of bein’ BM #5. Yuck, the thought of him even touching me is nothing short of revolting. If he was to accidentally brush up against me, I’d be ready to fight.

  • Kutta Mo.Fo.

    And if that’s Weezy’s s*hit, he wrong as f*uck for that gay a*ss Skittles lighter collection and that skater backpack. Grow AND man the f*uck up!!!

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