Evelyn Lozada’s Leaving “Basketball Wives!” Salty At Vh1 For Posting Rumors She Was Caught Creepin’ With T.O.!

- By Bossip Staff

Uh oh… it seems that “Basketball Wives” is about to take an L. One of the Vh1 shows’ biggest draws — Evelyn Lozada — is planning to leave the show over a blog posted by the website for the network that claimed she was getting chopped down by Chad’s lover BFF Terrell Owens.

According to TMZ reports:

Sources close to Evelyn tell TMZ — Lozada made up her mind yesterday, after VH1 posted a blog implying Evelyn may have cheated on Chad Ochocinco with his former teammate Terrell Owens.

We’re told Evelyn is furious — claiming the rumor is simply UNTRUE — and she feels betrayed by the network. VH1 has since pulled the blog — but Lozada has already decided enough is enough … and she’s told producers she won’t be returning.

Sources tell us Evelyn is now looking for other opportunities — and will focus on planning her upcoming wedding to Ochocinco.

Damn… We honestly can’t imagine the “Basketball Wives” Miami franchise without Evelyn. What’s gonna happen to the show?

Keep reading to reads Evelyn’s tweets on the subject and to see the blog that had her so upset.

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  • Maxie Newman

    I don’t believe she didn’t. The world is so messy…

  • ang

    She not going nowhere she don’t have clout like that to get a spin off show bite the bullet boo boo and sign on for a 4th season.

  • ChicaChe

    She irritate me “sometimes” BYE!

  • Chingadamadre!!

    Omg can ya’ll smell that??!! *sniffs* smells like a “evelyn n 85 reality show” is in the makes!!!!

  • Jesse

    Doesn’t matter one bit who is on the show.
    As long as they make drama.
    That’s all that counts.
    A h0 is a h0.

  • Jesse

    In woman who utters a phrase like “I can sleep with whoever I want, it’s none of your business” has done exactly that. I know she couldn’t recall how many men have smashed.

  • myopinion

    Is she doing this for more cash like she did last season? Pay me more because you hurt my feelings. This thirsty chick got babies mixed up and ready to go if she can get her own show. She is also trying to do a big wedding like KM.That is why all of a sudden her whole family is on the show. How about she cut back on red bottoms and take a few dollars to get her moms out the hood. She gets no respect. How you mad at the VH1 when they made you a fact? Reality money don’t last unless you managed by Krishna Jenner!

  • http://n/a Fly Gurl

    T.O. Is a Non Factor. Team Evelyn all day!

  • ljay

    Great! I’m so glad she is off the show. Shaunie… can you stop putting this type of garbage on your show? Thanks in advance:)

  • Mrs. Rance

    Unfortunately for Ev there is a long line of women willing and able to take her spot. As the LA cast proves, finding women willing to cut up for the cameras that have slept with NBA players is like shooting fish in a barrell; way easy.

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983

    BYE!! You will not be missed!

  • license2correct

    Hello people every shows may it be for white or black audience has drama for God sakes it TV it freaking entertainment. That’s what you have your remote control for

  • Evy

    Evelyn is quitting because she is so close to getting ochocinco’s money. If they don’t wed she will beg to get back on the show.

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