Hi Hater: Kelis Says “Katy Perry Is Crap… Just Poor Pop”

- By Bossip Staff

Both of these artists have outspoken lyrics and a zany sense of style, but only one of them is tying records with Michael Jackson… Jealous much? Kelis has a rumored beef with Katy Perry but being that her own musical choices have been questionable at times, we’re not sure we believe she’d jump out the window with this one.

Here’s the details:

R&B singer Kelis is not a fan of “California Gurls” hitmaker Katy Perry.

According to Britain’s Daily Star newspaper she said, “Katy Perry is crap. It’s just poor pop. Her name might be on her stuff but that doesn’t mean it’s any good.”

Um… Does anybody happen to have a copy of “Milkshake” handy?

We rest our case.

We’re still not sure if we’re buying Kelis actually saying this but if she did, she doesn’t really have a leg to stand on.


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  • deedee

    She’s right! You can only make “rich pop” if you have progressively stupider hairdos and eat off your child support checks. Those are the traits of a true artiste!

    Sidebar: Is that wig/hat made out of cereal?

  • Blue Moon

    And what exactly r U kelis?? Pure talent? Oh…really…ok

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  • LisaLuvless

    Katy Perry’s songs are annoying as hell..what’s more offensive than the simple lyrics she BUYS from another artist? Her inability to perform these easy a.ss songs. Kelis shouldn’t throw rocks too hard cause I’m not sure which is worst her studio sessions or her live performances…that’s one time you hope the artist sounds like their recordings.Not in this case. But I did enjoy a couple songs from both these ladies.. Kelis is original..Katy Perry is like Keri Hilson,she tries so hard to fit the norm but tries to act like she invented it..bish can’t perform either.

  • LisaLuvless

    Yes it is cereal..Problem?

  • bxluckiladi

    I “HATE” people who want to crap on someone else’s success when they don’t got crap going on for themselves. How about you put more effort in your music instead of putting effort into knocking someone else. I always liked kelis especially her eccentric ways but the cattiness is annoying.

  • Kutta Mo.Fo.

    I like Kelis way more that I’ll ever like Katy Perry. My thing is you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. My first impression of Katy Perry is HORRID. ‘I kissed a girl and I liked it’ was the most tacky, God-awful, ‘trendsexual’ theme song a female artist could ever release. No need to bash Kelis for not only telling the truth, but also for having an opinoin she’s more than d*amn well entitled to being her own individual. Bet ya sweet a*ss if King Bey had said it, ya’ll wouldn’t dare try to give her the ‘Hi hater’, ya’ll would’ve followed suit and bashed Katy Perry goin’ forward. Clearly, WHO says it means much more than WHAT is said.

  • Westside cutie!!!!

    Lol @ kutta mo.fo….. Ur right! But I still stick to my above comment! But if I had to pick it definitely would be Kelis! She actually can sing! But you hit the nail on the head about if BeWACKce had said that about Katy Perry everybody will be jumping on the band wagon and bashing Katy! U know how these BeYAWNce Stans do, their insane! Lol!

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