Slumlord Millionaire: Illuminati Hov And His Cronies Accused Of Using All Kinds Of Shady Scare Tactics To Get His Philly Tenants Out Of Their Homes

- By Bossip Staff

As if it wasn’t bad enough that he bought a building of condos, Hov just had to go and p*** off his mostly White tenants, didn’t he?

How do we know they’re predominantly White? They took their griping and rabble-rousing to the good folks at Faux News. And they, of course, went in with their “savvy and balanced reporting”.

Current and former residents at a luxury building in Philadelphia partly owned by hip-hop star Jay-Z say the music mogul’s legal team has been relentlessly harassing them to leave until they give up and vacate the premises, has learned.

“I’m scared of Jay-Z,” says a tenant of 603 North American Street, who because of what she claims are safety fears does not want to be named. “I’ve endured endless harassment from his team of lawyers, and I can’t take it anymore. I don’t know when this drama is going to end.”

The 24-unit condominium complex was purchased by SCC North American Realty, LLC, in January of 2009. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, SCC North American Realty, LLC, is partially owned by Shawn Carter, otherwise known as Jay-Z.

“The whole thing has been so unsettling,” former tenant Liza Tedeschi tells exclusively. “I’ve been in tears over this.”

Tedeschi claims Jay-Z’s legal team has been trying to evict tenants at his four-year-old building.

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  • nola

    I don’t put nothing past him, this is the same guy that is messing over the ppl in Brooklyn to build that stadium of his. He’s shady to me.

  • Westside cutie!!!!

    OMG totally cosign @ nola! I was thinking the same thing! I’m definitely not surprised! Me personally I don’t think much of JayZ especially someone who calls himself Hova! Everybody think this ninja is some kind of hero but a hero ain’t nothin’ but a sandwhich! Them tennants should get them a “Dream Team” and turn the tables on his big lipped @ss! But I’m glad they’re exposing him, that’s a start!

  • Mrs. Rance

    If Jay were the majority owner Fox news certainly would have said that. Since he clearly is not why do they keep saying “his” lawyer and they’re scared of “him”? Why don’t they name the other owner(s)? This story is all kinds of shady.

  • Not a H8R

    Evil trifling shady tenants! Your lease is not being renewed you must LEAVE! Name dropping losers! Rflol…I am scared of Jayz….really he as african american male and every other african american male should be scared of you because your using those same old hateful female antics to lie and say you have been theatened. The law is on the landlord’s side ….your bobos and squatters! The anger is understood to a degree “rent is too dayam high”!

  • Cici & Coco -The Besties

    Interesting how you put up that pic up with that infamous quote on his shirt…. A.Crowley’s words right. Smh


    You’re a renter. Lease up ? Move ! If you want it, buy it.

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