Baby Bump Bey-Bey Bounces On Her Satellite Performance At A Michael Jackson Preview

- By Bossip Staff

Is this a case of janky promoters???

The Michael Jackson Tribute concert in Cardiff, Wales, will not be featuring a live satellite performance by Beyonce as originally promised, is exclusively reporting.

Concert promoters had earlier stated that the pregnant singer would be performing via satellite, but on the Ticketmaster website for the event, Beyonce is now listed as making “a special contribution on video.”

“Beyonce won’t be performing a song live via satellite for the tribute concert now,” a source close to the situation tells exclusively.

The tribute concert also won’t be attended by Janet, Randy or Jermaine Jackson because the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, who is charged in the death of Michael, will be going on at the same time.

However, Katherine Jackson has said she will attend the concert, along with Michael’s children, and LaToya fully supports the show and will also be there.

Not for nothin’, but we’d rather see King B sing live than over some janky satellite feed anyway…


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  • thewire

    This bitxh got the nerve to cancel!? On MJ’s bday!? Damnnn she foul for that. If Alicia keys can perform LIVE while 6 months pregnant, than she can at LEAST do a live satellite performance…smh

  • Senior Citizen

    Damn…I see comprehension is a fading art.

  • get smart

    Maybe it isn’t the safest pregnancy why should she compromise hers and the babys health for a performance

  • ga

    I never thought she should perform anyway.

  • ga

    I never thought it was very tactful of her or the other performers to take part. With half the family no there and the whole trial it just seems like its capitalizing on the great mans death for extra publicity and cash.

  • Ebonypoopoo

    @get smart, thank you! What’s o.k. for one person may not be o.k. for another. Sometimes you really gotta throw a big DUH at some people. But, then I’m finding SOME of my own Black folks just can’t give this woman a break–no matter what she does. Why? To sum it up as jealousy is too easy. She EARNED every dime, and yes, shaking her as s. Got a sis-in-law who loves ANYTHING Kardashian, but can’t stand the sight of B. based on no reason at all. Unreal…

  • ChicaChe

    Who cares? NOT ME! But I still love MJ

  • T

    Its official that people on this site are dumb & cant read. Just look at the first comment. Smh. Anyway we all know bey is the best female performer of this generation & a lot of people were looking forward 2 her performance BUT i wasnt feeling the via satellite thing anyway. People wanna see her perform LIVE. I just hope her & the baby get plenty of rest. She got the rest of her life 2 perform. The baby comes first.

  • Westside cutie!!!!

    Cosign @ ChicaChe!!!! Love me some Michael Jackson too! Now, he’s an Icon!!!!

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