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So you have a new boo. Break out the champagne and call all your girls! Finally you’ve met someone you like, and more importantly, who seems to reciprocate the feeling. Unlike some of your last ‘situations’, you want to ensure that you’re not wasting time hoping for something to manifest out of nothing. Basically, you don’t want to wait around for a man who is either not interested in a commitment or not interested in you.

You don’t want to get serious about someone who isn’t serious about you, or worse, serious about someone else. Many times the signs are there, they just may be hidden behind the strong desire of wanting to be in a relationship or the serious energy put into trying to make Mr. Right out of someone who is Mr. All Wrong.

While every relationship is different, most are made up of similar components. There are no guidelines etched in stone when it comes to relationships, but there are things to consider when deciding if someone is in to for the long-haul.

There are things we should know and have experienced within the first month, three months, and couple of years. Consider the things listed in these phases if you’re asking yourself, ‘Where is this going?’

Of course these phases aren’t for the ‘friends with benefits’ or the ‘occasional flingers’.


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