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Soooooo… some people are just not going to feel this recession at all, huh?

Brian McCarthy, son of millionaire Marriott president Robert McCarthy, can add an extra $107 million to his family fortune from the Virginia lottery.

The 25-year-old bachelor bought five tickets on a whim at the Herndon, Va., grocery store Giant. He had gone in to use the ATM and bought five tickets without even knowing how much the prize money was. He didn’t even pick personal lucky numbers, letting the computer pick them for him.

A few days later, he checked Facebook for the winning numbers and got the surprise of a lifetime.

“I jumped out of bed, poured my wallet out and looked at the numbers and I had the ticket,” McCarthy told ABC’s Washington D.C. affiliate WJLA.

When McCarthy collected the money, he chose to take the lump sum instead of receiving the money in yearly payments over the course of 26 years. The lump sum totaled $68 million before taxes.

“I’d like my family to be able to enjoy it as much as I can. And also help out some charities along the way,” McCarthy said.

Yeah, that last part sounds like somebody told ol’ boy he had to say that.

At the time, McCarthy was working as an account manager for Pepsi. He has since left that job.

So far, he has taken a golfing trip to Ireland, traveled to Alaska with his sister and bought a BMW M3, a car that starts at about $59,000. As for charities, he has donated $25,000 each to two, including the Herndon Optimist Club, which helps local children.

“It’s a surreal feeling. It’s something that you read about in the newspaper about somebody else,” the lottery winner’s dad, Robert McCarthy, told WJLA. “And so when it affects you in a great way, I think [there are] a lot of good things with it, but it also comes with a serious amount of responsibility.”

As the Marriott president, McCarthy’s father oversees the finances and leadership of over 3,500 hotels in the Americas, spanning multiple brands. He also oversees Ritz-Carlton for the corporation, according to the Marriott’s website.

Forbes reports that Robert McCarthy made over $1.2 million in 2009.




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