For Discussion: Would You Let Your 5-Year-Old Wear Makeup Out And About???

- By Bossip Staff

We realize Suri Cruise isn’t the typical 5-year-old but … we figured this might be a good topic of convo for the parents out there. Suri was spotted in Chelsea Friday rocking this get up with some makeup. We can understand letting a little girl play dress up at home, but dark red lipstick for anything but a play or recital seems a bit much. Granted, Suri sometimes wears heels out and about so perhaps Kate had to work out some kind of compromise.

Suri also picks her own clothes from the D&G by Dolce & Gabbana Juniors catalogue too though, so we’re pretty sure Katie Holmes is getting run all the way the fizzuck over in that home. We can understand letting kids have their own voice — but how much is too much.

Please discuss!


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  • Not a H8R

    Lip gloss only! Much more distrubing are the Princess boys!! God save the children.

  • http://google SHM

    She’s wearing her daddys lipstick, no big secret about him but his church and career keeps him closet, ask Nicole.

  • Nope

    No, I wouldn’t but Katie is a weirdo

  • k

    Beat that a%%!!!!!!!!

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