Rihanna’s Family Is In Favor Of Her Taking Ike Breezy Back!

- By Bossip Staff

RihRih needs to get her folks in check! Two of her cousins allegedly spoke to the National Enquirer, not only about how they want her to take Breezy back, but also implying that she probably gave him a good clobbering too!

Rihanna’s closest family members have made an impassioned plea for her to get back together with abusive ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, The ENQUIRER can exclusively reveal.

But experts say reuniting with Brown – who pleaded guilty to a felony after savagely beating the “Umbrella” singer during a ferocious argument — would only reignite the cycle of violence in the couple’s relationship.

Despite that, two of Rihanna’s cousins claim the Grammy winner’s family still loves the shamed star and have forgiven him for viciously assaulting the 23-year-old beauty.

Chris made a mistake, but I forgive him,” Nicola Alleyne told The ENQUIRER. “I think he got hit too. Knowing Rihanna like I do, it was a fight. But I would love them to be back together. I really think Chris still loves her.”

Nicola, a 34-year-old mother of two, bonded with Brown when Rihanna brought him to her native Barbados to meet her family.

“She introduced Chris to everybody. He was really, really nice,” recalled Nicola, whose sister, Noella, travels the world with Rihanna when she’s on tour. Their mother, Rihanna’s Aunt Marcel, hosted the celebrity couple at her home.

“Chris’ mother, sister, nephew and cousin also came. My mother made dinner, and Chris sat on the floor and ate her Guyanese food — baked salt fish and rice.”

Rihanna’s cousin Amanda Thompson — who, like Nicola, works in the fish market and clothing shop that are both owned by Rihana’s extended family in the Barbados capital of Bridgetown — also wishes the couple would rekindle their romance. “I loved Chris Brown,” 38-year-old Amanda — who fondly remembers braiding a young Rihanna’s hair — told The ENQUIRER.

“I met him after Rihanna had just won her first Grammy. She had a party in the Boatyard Bar in Bridgetown, and I danced with him. I don’t know what happened, but I would love for them to get back together. Everybody makes mistakes.”

RihRih, it’s your life baby girl, but something about that relationship had to be toxic for it to go down the way it did. Never look back, always move forward!

We’re just sayin’. Sometimes it’s better to love folks from a distance.


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  • honeybee

    I don’t think they should get back together. But Rhi Rhi’s family must’ve really liked Chris if they’re still talking bout him after all these years. Also her family just confirmed what we already knew bout Rhi Rhi, that she likes to fight.

  • Christielove1468

    Although Rihanna and Chris made an attractive couple,but it may not be a good move if they get back together too soon. Both of them now are on the top of their careers,Chris had to rebuild his career of being rejected by the industry and the media following the attack two years ago.I dont feel that Chris and Karreuche will last as a couple,I believe that Chris and Rihanna truly still love each other. Friendship may be a best option for them for now until they both matured more and receive therapy from their past issues. I wish both of them luck!

  • http://yahoo don

    I agree with christielove. Too soon could be a disaster but I think they both still like each other and with time comes maturity so let time do what it does,heals and brings about maturity.

  • Blue Moon

    No they shud not get back 2getha..imagine the backlash both of them wud receive from the industry..like @Christielove said,it took a lot for him to be where he is nw. Sum ppl still talk abt the incident when talkn abt him it will neva go away. I feel sorry 4 Karrueche,y is Rhi’s family bringing this up..poor thang

  • Addie

    why is it only Rihanna who shouldn’t get back with him? what makes you think Chris even wants to be apart of this?…

    always looking at one side. *rolls eyes*

  • Me...me

    Maybe Rihanna’s family knows he’s not the violent monster everybody is trying to paint him out to be. I’ve always said that I think it was a mutual fight that got out of hand. they are Rihannas cousins so they probably know she can get out of hand. Some men ( as are some women) are violent abusers but I don’t think that’s the case with Chris. I believe they fought he won. If you don’t want a man to hit u don’t provoke him. Not all men are able to walk away.

  • aries_girl504

    Ok for one, why do people think he’s even single & trying to get back w/ her? Do they not see he’s been w/ that Kae girl for a while now? People always tryna say who should be w/ who & when they should get together. Leave those people alone. Chris & Rihanna were so 2009. It’s over w/, its done. Let them people live their lives….APART! Geez…

  • rih has moved on

    First of all this story is false…..her family don’t like cb and rih is focused on her career. It makes no sense to go from Matt kemp to cb an immature boy.

  • #1 Bottom B*tch

    I alwayz thought that Chris was 2 cute 4 RiRi! She got a 4head outta dis world and she alwayz has an evil look in her eyez! I alwayz suspected that she may have did something really crazy 2 trigger his actions! His new chikk ain’t bashing him in interviews or claiming that he’s quick tempered! I hope that he never moves backward!

  • ChicaChe


  • Aquarius

    Clearly, RhiRhi just wants what Jay and Bey have. I mean where is this coming from all of a sudden?

  • aukira aka misscrazies

    i think that they are crazy to get back together because she suffered a huge beatin and i wouldnt want that to happin to her again but if that was me i would have went back with drizzy

  • Kobie Dixon

    If u want to see what happens to Chris & Riri youtube “Anna, She’s Fly”. HILARIOUS!

  • http://www.twitter.com/tbarz365 @TBarz365

    I Don’t Believe Nothin Them Magazines Be Sayin… Its Always A Random Cousin Sayin Some Shit… Sometimes Its Prolly True, But I Don’t Think This Story Is True At All.


    I’m not buying this story especially considering It’s The National Enquirer. I cant imagin any family member encouraging their loved ones to be in an unhealthy relationship.

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