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When you were a kid, did you ever complain to your mother that your arms and legs hurt for no apparent reason and her response was always “It’s growing pains!”. Although painful, you secretly suffered with excitement that you were growing up and changing into a woman. While these physical changes may have occurred during our puberty years, there are still some ‘growing pains’ taking place well into our adult life. These changes may not be as easily felt and obvious as physical ones, but they certainly make a difference and change who we are.

As we mature there are a few things that inevitably grow and change right along with us. Mainly our priorities, wants and needs, friendships, patience, opinions, schedules, dress sizes and etc…. hit the top of the change list. These life factors are just a few of the ‘pains’ we must endure as we juggle our other life ailments and complications all the while trying to make sense of what is happening to us. Even though I could probably create a laundry list full of changes that occur as we become grown women, I will share with you the top five for now…

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