Kelis Gets Bullied At The Airport… White Man Calls Her “Disgusting Nigerian” And “Kunte Kinte” SMFH!!!

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We’re used to Kelis screaming “I Hate You So Much Right Now!!!!” but in this case we’re with her. The singer took to her Twitter yesterday to relay some disturbing events that happened to her while in line at the airport going through customs in the UK.

This is understandably upsetting especially because she had her son, little Knight with her.

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We’re sorry that happened to her, but we’re glad she spoke up and we hope she continues to speak up. Kelis has had such a great career in Europe and she does have a powerful voice. We want to see her continue to use it to spread the truth.

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    • Blue Moon

      OMG smh…racist ppl nEed to be put on an island and be bombed

    • LisaLuvless

      Lil Knight’s looking real sweet in that pic though..

      Should someone have said something in your defense because you’re a ‘celebrity’, have your son with you,or because you’re a woman? Granted I would have just for the reasons I hate intolerance and pompous people.

      Glad you took to twitter and cussed him on the spot,but for future references. DON’T ever look around for people to stick up for you when something was said to YOU. If you need someone to step in you obviously weren’t that offended.

    • OMG

      She handled it properly, especially since she had her son with her. Now me on the other hand, would be locked up for beating the cowboy s##* out of that fat mofo. This is 2011 and yt folks, or should I say people period think they can talk to Blacks any kind of way. The customs agent wouldn’t been laughing when he witnessed that fat fukr get beat down. And yes I’m a woman. My father is a marine and former boxer he taught me well on how to kick azz. Lol. Got in a lot of trouble thru the years.:)

    • *Mrs.Trevino*

      Lawd have mercy! I would*ve went crazy! I would’ve been in jail for manslaughter! I’ll be damned if someone talked to me like that. I know she had her son with her but she still should’ve stood up for herself.

    • me

      The best response would have been to stay as calm as possible, look him dead in him eyes…. and bust out laughing (really chuck it up). Than in a giggly sweet voice say “your turning red like a pig” and walk away still smiling….. I have done this more than once and the response from white folks is priceless!!! The dumb/enraged/confused look alone is worth it!

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