Bad Connection: Celebrities That Should Probably Get Rid Of Their Cell Phones

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Another day, another fool putting all his info on a cell phone. But Swizzy isn’t the only idiot.

People have been sending texts, pictures and stupid voice mails for ages. Here are the most famous instances of cell phone use gone wrong.

Tiger Woods – Tiger was just being reckless with his phone. Get a separate line or something, dude. Instead, he was calling his side-hoes and leaving all kinds of detailed voicemails like “this is Tiger Woods, professional golfer who’s married with kids. I want to have an extramarital affair with you now!” That’s not how you go it, playa.

Swizz Beatz – Earthworm Jim may have made an oopsie by getting his texts revealed yesterday. Sending texts, though? Who doesn’t get caught sending texts? Especially to random a$$ johnson hungry chicks. No cell phones for you, Swizzy.

Amar’e Stoudemire – The thing that allegedly ended he and Ciara’s little tryst? Apparently it came from a series of texts to a random groupie. Why are we sending these broads documented evidence of cheating? Get a clue.

Trina – Her celly got snatched up and someone sent some special pictures of her with her boo, all bucky naked. While we do question her saving the pictures on her phone, she at least didn’t send them all across the world. They were just stolen. Still, put those pictures far, far away.

Rihanna – It seems like every two weeks we have a new photo or text or something from Rih-Rih. While she’s out on the beach showing off her cakes, she may want to take her phone and throw it in the ocean.

Terrence Howard – Don’t prank call ol’ dude from Hustle And Flow! Howard put on his big man voice to respond via voicemail. Of course, it only ended up making him look foolish for recording so many threats on a voicemail. He may be facing a lawsuit from it all. SMH.

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    Shaq – Shaq sent out recorded, illiterate a$$ messages to chicks trying to get the drawls. He even ratted out his teammate D-Wade while sending out calls for putty. Shaq of all people needs to stay away from any communications. Let your secretary handle that, big man.

    Chris Brown – Breezy had his whole, entire package sent across the world. How you gonna let yourself get caught up like that AFTER it happened to Rihanna? Fool me once…

    Mel Gibson – One voicemail ruined his damn career. All he had to do was throw out a few n***ers and tell his wife he wanted her gangraped and it was curtains for Melly Mel.

    Reggie Bush – Reggie Bush was made to look like Reggie B***h for sending texts to his ex-boo Kimmy Cakes asking to have her back during her wedding. Just give her a call or something. That way, there’s no evidence!

    Brett Favre – Thanks to his cell phone pics, the whole world knows that Favre is incapable of going deep into the end zone. Why would someone even send a damn celly pic of such a tiny unit? Put his phone away and cut our eyes out!

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