Wait A Minute, Is Michael Vick Missing Something?!?!

- By Bossip Staff

Here is Michael Vick speaking at some press conference looking all business-y from the waist up…

But it seems like him forgot hims pants and hard bottoms at home. SMH.

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  • mike.hawke

    But black goes with anything

  • http://k k

    ^^^ some people are so damn ignorant.

  • Pig

    @ k…Anyway you put it, still a monkey!!!! Ignorant is as ignorant does!!

  • Rhea

    He probably was about to work out and they probably told him to slip a nice shirt and jacket on. U people make a big issue about the dumbest sh*+ geez…next!

  • license2correct

    @k and @pig look like to me both of you ignorant writing stupid sh.*t. But wait isn’t that so call monkey making more money then both of talk stupid a**. I thought so shut the fu*k up.

  • Pig

    @license…you need to take the d@@@ out of your mouth and stop being a b@@@!! FU and what you and your unborn are worth!!!!

  • Pig

    FU and your unborn!!! Take the d@@@ out yo a@@ and shut it and your b@@@@ azz!!!

  • Pig

    @license…and ya’ll ain’t worth sh@@!!! B@@@@!!!

  • Pig

    Still a porchmonkey even if he was going to workout!!!! For bananas!! I dont care how much money he has!!!!

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