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An eviction notice from the 36th District Court fluttered in the breeze on the front window of the modest colonial on Detroit’s west side Tuesday.

The longtime homeowner, 101-year-old Texana Hollis, was in Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit after being put out of her home the day before.

Authorities and her family say Monday’s eviction came after Hollis’ 64-year-old son, who lives with her, failed to pay her mortgage or taxes.

Others are now working to help Hollis find a place to live or return her to the home on Carbondale Road where she had lived for more than 50 years.

“It was so sad — it really was,” next-door neighbor Pearlean Butler, 45, said of watching her neighbor evicted. She agreed to store Hollis’ clothing, adjustable bed and a few other belongings in her garage until the family figures out where she will stay.

“I didn’t know until it was too late. The sons never said nothing to me. When I saw the court people, it was too late.”

Albeit stupid, Ms. Hollis son accepted the blame for the eviction

Warren Hollis admits it was his fault.

He said he had his mother sign a reverse mortgage in 2002. He said he received $32,000, using a major portion to pay for a new roof and the rest for other bills. He said he kept telling his older brother, Ira Hollis Jr., 69, who also lived in the home, that he was taking care of everything, even when default notices began appearing in the mail.

“I kept praying they wouldn’t come,” Warren Hollis said Tuesday. “I didn’t take any action because I didn’t think it would happen — she’s been here for such a long time. I screwed it up good.”

Thank God for good neighbors, but this is just plain sad…




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