Bossip Exclusive: Toni Ain’t The Only Braxton Who Wants No Parts Of Her Ex-Manager And Tamar’s Hubby Vincent Herbert

- By Bossip Staff

Toni Braxton’s not the only one whose had enough of Tamar’s shady hubby… Everybody hates Vince!

After last week’s story about singer and “Braxton Family Values” star Toni Braxton’s firing of Tamar’s husband Vince we did a little digging and found out Toni isn’t the only sister who has issues with him.

Rumor has it, Tamar’s popularity on the show has left a bad taste in more than just her famous sister’s mouth. Seems the others have grown tired of being left out of the mix and want to get away from Vince too. Apparently fame has gone to Tamar’s head and caused friction amongst the sisters. It also doesn’t help that hubby Vince is set on making sure his wife is the “only” sister that blows up!

This info doesn’t surprise us in the least. It makes perfect sense that Vince would try and use the show as a vehicle to push his wife into the spotlight. But who does this chubby lumpkins think he is?

We hope the sisters don’t let this tear them apart.

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  • Nana

    Now he can grow some balls and stop acting like a lil bioooottcccch! Smfh

  • lovely

    I love u sisters all of u are beautiful and TALENTED. The show is a huge hit. Please don’t let something so dumb mess up da paper. I know how there can be problems with a group of girls but work through it. Don’t let the angry black women stereotype live. Look @ the kardashins I would love a for u guys to be even more successful. Yall actually have the talent drama and to be. And you guys are way more relateble. Just please from one md girl to another don’t give up

  • roxxy823

    I guess the spotlight ain’t on toni! Share the shine damn!

  • a

    Toni hating. She think it should be all about her. Truth is she’s washed up and need to fall back. It’s Tamar time to shine(love her). The other sister.WHO? LMAO. Toni learn how to manage your money. Bankruptcy two time that says a lot about how smart you are. Go Tamar.

  • shawnta

    It called braxton family values. I wanna see all the sisters doing good. & @a toni is not washed up, she is still banging! I hope they figure it out.

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