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Remember the guy that dressed up like Gumby and robbed a 7-11? Well, it looks like his career as a super criminal was quite short-lived.

San Diego Police Detective Gary Hassen said Wednesday that Jacob Kiss, 19, turned himself and a Gumby costume in to police on Tuesday. Also surrendering to police Tuesday was Jason Giramma, 19, who was not dressed as an orange horse, but who police allege was an accomplice in the 7-Eleven stickup.

Hassen said it was the human face of Giramma, rather than the widely recognized green mug of Gumby, that provided the big break in the case.

“We got the video out and we figured that somebody would recognize his accomplice,” Hassan told CNN. Tips came in through Crimestoppers, he said, and the cops soon had their TV character. A call to Kiss followed.

“You and Gumby need to come in Tuesday morning. We’ll sit down and have a polite conversation,” Hassen said police told the suspect.

LOL at them actually calling the guy “Gumby”. At least the Gumby guy had sense to rock a suit. His buddy just went in bare and all. He couldn’t scrounge up a Cookie Monster costume or something? Now we wait to see what kind of charges and time Mr. Gumby will face.




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