Hi Hater: Miss France Throws Shade On New Miss Universe From Angola – “We Were All Surprised By Her Win”

- By Bossip Staff

Who knew Miss France was “so unattractive on the inside” as Serena would say?

After going no further than the Top 10 in the Miss Universe competition, a French magazine interviewed Laury Thilleman about representing her country. She said all kinds of politically correct stuff about how awesome it was for France to get to the top ten and how fantastic of an experience it was to hang out with 88 beautiful girls from all over the world for a week or whatever.

Then they brought up a sensitive subject and asked her what she thought about the winner, Leila Lopes from Angola.

“She was the only girl I didn’t know very well. We didn’t see her much; she was very discreet. She was often in jeans and not wearing makeup. We were all surprised by her win. Many girls made efforts that were not rewarded. I don’t know, something is missing in her temperament. The fact that the competition was held in Brazil surely played a role.”

Really hater? Wouldn’t that have been a shoe-in for Miss Brazil or the girls representing any of Brazil’s neighboring countries? Have a seat!


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  • bxluckiiladi

    She may not have been the prettiest out the bunch but she was my favorite. She had such a beautiful serenity about herself. She was not forced. Natural. Don’t hate miss france!

  • nikkislim

    My motto for the day: if I can’t say something nice then I won’t say anything at all.
    Ima leave it at that.

  • Precious

    What did u guys expect? White women hate seeing beautiful, successful, educated black women. They think they are the only ones that should live good and be in the spotlight.

  • roni

    Sometimes I wonder if the resentment is because she is African? Natural beauty doesn’t require that you wake up wearing a pound of makeup all the time. She has an appearance of innocence and purity.

  • sexxy

    Miss france not everyone wear makeup 24-7,i for one raly wear it n only when am goin to a party or club or an important event. during the week while am working no makeup,or when going shopping……

  • StuckInDaMatrix

    @ Precious Your right on the money! They can’t stand it cuz its comes natural for us while they have to use cosmetics and surgery. Also lies and deception.

  • gina

    Rflol….guess we are going to have boycott french stuff again. Will somebody please rename, french fries, french braids, french toast and french kissing. Tanning both, plastic boobs, a ton of make up…give that horse back its long flowing tail!

  • staccee

    She is so beautiful and that hater just jealous because she coulednt measure up. I bet donald trump messed all over himself since he owns the pagents and dislikes ppl of color.

  • HiHater

    The next Miss Universe should be held in Angola…miss france is a sour loser cuz she couldnt win with all that cosmetic…..its time for a change

  • yaa

    I sure hope more of these pageants are held in Portuguese speaking nations cuz Miss Angola showed us natural beauty wins

  • gina

    Ok…really Donald Trump does NOT dislike black people. And he loves WOMEN! He is a republican that is starting to see the light because his finally realized what the wall street thieves are doing to his hotel business and stock! FYI HE OWNS THAT PAGEANT TOO! HE WAS THE FIRST TO OBJECT TO THE RACE BAITING THAT WENT ON ON THE MISS America PAGEANT! Obama 2012….we going end up with Trumps vote the recession has “jacked” the hotel and vacation business.

  • Nola

    Lord forbid a African woman won! That’s what they mad about. If she was from the carribean and black they wouldn’t say much. I really think it’s because she’s African.

  • BlackAnastasia

    This is not a surprising thing to hear,Women of other Races have a extreme Napoleon Complex when it comes to women of African Decent.They know deep down they can’t touch the Original Woman.They hate fact that Allah made us like him.

  • Vilina ledet

    i agree white women too me are very intimidated by beautiful black women,they think that they are the only ones that define and can represent beauty! They think the worlds revolves around them,they think that they are the only ones that can be successfull,but black people we have proven them wrong and thats why they hate on us!

  • not hating

    I’m sorry in advance, don’t mean to offend anyone. Ms. Angola is ugly, and overrated. I have the right to my opinion and I don’t care what anyone says. I wouldve in no way ever thought she was going to be crowned. Ms France just said what everyone is thinking. I know A LOT of beautiful strong black women. I’m just being realistic. And for all the ppl that are so proud of Ms Halle Berry she has such an ugly attitude and the reason she looks so so is cuz of her white genes! It never ceases to amaze me how ppl are only “black” when its to their convenience.

  • TeamAngola

    Wow! Sore LOSER!!! Hey Miss France…its called SELF ESTEEM you can’t buy it at the make up counter! LMAO

  • RickyDick

    Ms France looks hella friggin good in that picture.
    I’ll take me some French delight for desert tonight!!

  • http://gravatar.com/trenchee trenchee

    I believe in this era the pageant has evolve in change. Which means no fake azz b!tches

  • Kris

    Keep it real. Physically, Miss France is really pretty. And if you say otherwise, you’re probably hating….just like her. So because Miss Angola speaks Portuguese, she won? How about the dozen other countries that speak Portuguese? I can’t even believe the makeup comment. Shallow much? My goodness, such a pretty face, such an ugly personality.

  • leesall

    I think if Brazil was biased because most people in brazil are black and maybe miss france thought brazilian judges picked her for that reason

  • Shauna Renee Gooding

    This is not the first time a Ms. France contestant said something about a Black Ms. Universe. I remember they said the same thing about Ms. Wendy Fitzwilliam also.

  • Akua

    Im glad she won. She is beautiful! Nothing special about Ms France. I wouldnt take a second look at her. For those who say they were bias, its a lie. And even if they were, it sure wouldnt be the first time. Its only a big deal because she’s a black African. Black is not suppose to be the standard of beauty anywhere because if it were, it would be too high of a standard for white women to obtain. Lip injections & fake tans is simply not enough ladies. Nor could they measure up with maintaining their youthful appearance as women of color. Black dont crack. My mom would give Ms France a run for her money and shes over 50.

  • Mercedes

    Based on some of the logic that her win was biased because of her skin color, native language and the fact the contest was in Brazil, I guess alot of the previous Miss Universe wins were biased and not “earned” when caucasian contestants won in predominately caucasian countries..So for her win to be legimate and accepted by some of you, the counry need not have a large population of “colored” folks who speak her language ??? GTFOH

  • Tug Boat Thomas

    I believe she is actually from Cape Verde. As you know, Angola and CV have very strong ties due to their language and culture similarities… Both of these countries in addition to Brazil are of the same mix… Portugal + Africa = beautification personified

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