Child Support Rears Its Ugly Head: Illinois Congressman And “Tea Party Favorite” Owes Ex-Wife Over $100 K In Back Child Support

- By Bossip Staff

Another day, another shady character trying to not take care of his responsibilities!!

A Chicago judge issued a preliminary ruling Wednesday against U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) in his child-support dispute with his ex-wife, ordering the Tea Party favorite to explain why he appears to be $100,000 behind in child-support payments. Cook County Circuit Judge Raul Vega also wanted to know why Walsh wasn’t in court Wednesday — the McHenry Republican’s ex-wife, Laura Walsh, was there — and initially said he expected him to show up for the next hearing.

In court, Walsh’s attorney, Janet Boyle, asked Vega “for what purpose” he wanted the congressman in court. Vega gave her a puzzled look — to which Boyle responded: “Mr. Walsh is a U.S. congressman.”

“Well, he’s no different than anyone else,” the judge replied.

But after Laura Walsh’s attorney said he didn’t think the congressman needed to appear at the next hearing, Vega ultimately did not issue an order requiring the congressman to appear. But Vega did issue a “rule to show cause” — which means Walsh has to tell the court why he shouldn’t be held in contempt for falling so far behind in child support over the past five years.

Laura Walsh argues her ex-husband owes more than $100,000, a number the congressman disputes. But Vega’s ruling means that the burden is now on the congressman to prove that he doesn’t owe the money, attorneys for both Walshes agree. But last year, when she saw he had made a $35,000 contribution to his own congressional campaign, she became suspicious about his claims that he had no money. She had her attorney file the motion that Vega granted on Wednesday.

After Wednesday’s court hearing, Laura Walsh spoke about having to shoulder the financial burden of three children — two of them now adults — on her own for the last several years.

“It’s been extremely difficult,” she said. “We get through one day at a time.”

Laura Walsh — a public policy analyst for pharmaceuticals giant Eli Lilly and Co. — said the issue before the court is straightforward: “It’s child support. Either he paid it, or he didn’t. I’m certainly pleased with the ruling today.”

Boyle said her client, too, “is very satisfied with the judge’s orders of today, as it will finally afford him the opportunity to present his case to the court.”

SMH at this guy donating $35,000 to himself and then turning around saying that he doesn’t have money to support his kids. What a dirty dog.


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  • Dude

    Thats some bull, 100 grand in the hole and he’s not in jail? wtf????? Let Johnny from down the street owe 5 grand, they’ll lock him up….eff this dude

  • Kellz

    The audacity of this de generate. Honestly Im not surprised. He Wantd to destroy Pres.Obama more than provide for his children. Thats just pure HATE

  • LadyLuv

    Let me let you in on something. In the state of California a deadbeat father can owe that much and they state/court will not do a damn thing. How do I know? Because I’m still waiting to collect that much for my child. I’ve been told there’s nothing they can do, but they know where he’s at. The ond good thing is the bast#%& is older then me and close to the age of social security. My child will get 25 percent of that check. Men don’t realize cs doesn’t go away. They will owe until the day they die.

  • Dude

    @ ladyluv

    In the state of michigan they’ll lock you up. I was in a jail in the surburb of detroit, this guy was locked up with me for cs in detroit. Detroit came and took him back to a detroit jail. He owed 5 grand in back child support. They locked my dad up before for the samething.

  • ladyluv

    Let me clear something up. If a man can afford to pay but doesn’t out of anger or spite, as is my case, then lock them up. Men will get angry at the women for whatever reason and not pay, thinking its hurting the mother. When in reality they are hurting the child. Now on the other hand, if a man can’t pay because he is out of work for reasons beyond his control, and is not just being a lazy bum, then I don’t think locking him up does any good. If there are no jobs, and right about now, there aren’t many, its not his fault.
    Too bad California doesn’t adopt laws like Michigan. My childs father would be locked up right about now. But like I said the old fart is cloing in on SS and I will be right there to make sure our, no my child gets a check every month from his sorry azz.

    Have a good day. And be safe.

  • career over lol


  • staccee

    These are the same azzes that complain about welfare moms and deadbeat dads, when they have all the money and don’t pay for their damn kids. What a S O B,.but I bet he had money for his mistress.

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