Fill In The Blank: Mayweather Slobs On Ortiz’s ______ Like Corn On The Cob

- By Bossip Staff

With the Mayweather vs. Ortiz fight taking place within the next 24 hours in Vegas, Money Mayweather is going hard for his money. We are pretty sure pretty boy Floyd has put his mouth on a lot of things but another man’s nose… All for the Camera!!! If you’ve been watching the HBO series “24/7” then you’ve seen the chump talkin’ these two have been doing. Ortiz is probably going to give Mayweather a run for his money but can’t say he’s going to take the crown.

Side Note: Doesn’t it look like Ortiz is puckering his lips?!

Who are you going for… Floyd Mayweather or Victor Ortiz???

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  • ebony

    WTH did 50 get to mayweather. On the other hand ortiz seems to like it so….

  • ThatPrettyBrnBish

    Homosexuality is killing the black man softly smh

  • http://Bossip Shunni bunni

    Lol…. Why is Mayweather mouth on his nose? I thought he was a germophobic….. Smh…. Just NASTEE(N MY MR.BROWN VOICE)


    @LISA: GIIIIRL, r u blind??!! Lol, its not the angle of the camera or anything else. Yea they were probably talkins sh*t but the point is, his mouth is on his nose n the others mouth is on his chin! They might not be gay, but this is deff suspect!

  • Kenya

    Ha ha ha no wonder Chili couldn’t get him to get serious lmfao!!

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