The Trife Life: Fantasia’s Having Her Baby Shower On The Day Antwaun Married The Woman Still Known As His Wife

- By Bossip Staff

Seriously ‘Tasia???

Fantasia Barrino is pregnant by her married boyfriend and even worse, has exclusively learned the American Idol winner is planning her baby shower for the same day as Antwaun Cook’s wedding anniversary with his estranged wife!

“Fantasia is really taking every opportunity she can to stick it to Antwaun’s ex,” a source close to the situation told

“She’s planning her baby shower for October 1, which is Antwaun’s wedding anniversary with Paula. It’s the low of lows.”

As first reported, Fantasia is due to have her baby on December 27 with Antwaun, who is still married to his estranged wife, Paula Cook — who claims the two started their relationship long before she’d officially separated from Antwaun.

“By planning her baby shower for that day, both Antwaun and Fantasia are showing complete disregard for Paula,” the source said.

“She’s already been through enough with everything that’s went down.”

Oh the karma this chick is setting up for herself…


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  • love

    Fantasia makes me sick!!!

  • Nikki

    Go Tasia because she can’t make him love her… But he does need to go ahead make it legal from her. You can’t hide who u luv. And to the haters get u somebody,you can’t make someone want you.. GO TASIA tell the lonely read a damn book

  • Shauny

    She trapped him…he wants her fame and money…she wants his looks. I had some other things to say but I refuse to be labeled as a hater of unattractive Fantasia…lmao

  • Vera

    They are legally separted..yes he’s still married…but in this country separation is the bounds for new relationship…everyone that is judging her needs to stop cause it looks sad. Fantasia and Antawn are together…the wife is sulking in sorrows that the marriage didn’t work…BOO WHOO.

  • Campbell

    Wow….Fantasia,u could have @ least had it on the 2nd. But; nevertheless,congrats on the baby.You really can’t help who u love.

  • meme

    Well Fantasia is the new woman in his life why should she care when they got married. Its probably pure coincidence. If I were with a once married man I wouldn’t be thinking about planning things so his exes feelings wont be hurt. Its not like him And Paula will be going out for their anniversary.


    It takes two to tango baby! Antwaun is equally responsible for his marriage ending as is Fantasia being completely out of line for dating a married man. So much of the blame is being placed on Fantasia when the fact of the matter is, Antwaun took thoes vows with Paula.

  • Yholanda

    Fantasia isnt the brightest woman we know. That man lied in the beginning,she gave her heart and soul to him and almost died bcuz of his lies. Who knows how his wife may have spoken to her or treated her,you know most times the woman wil forgive the man but try to kill the woman who had no idea,and i am sure the wife got lots of money. I dont see cold heartedness in Fantasia,this person became a true enemy to her,and shes just vinting. Like I said she had know idea about the wife,the man had her name on his chest how much more could he convince her that he only belonged to her

  • Steelcitychick

    Fanny must really be insecure of herself if she’s gonna go that low to show she got that man!
    Dang….I was trynna stick up for this hoodrat, but not anymore.

  • IMinMiaMI

    ‘Tasia, ‘Tasia, ‘Tasia..tsk tsk O__o u make me sick! But I guess hoodrats don’t know any better. I’m not saying she stole that womans man, but c’mmon son, wait till ya’lls is married before u start poppin lil bastards for a man..I tell ya, ugly girls have it tough out there, she had to trap him w something cause she aint had a song in a min so her$$ is going down:/ eh, watever..KARMA baby just ask ol’girl Alicia!

  • Sumayyah

    For the record the wife lost her case last year!

  • lioness

    @ Vera, who cares if he is separated, HE’S STILL LEGALLY MARRIED. Regardless of what they want to do with each other, a man who truly loves you, respects you & wants to be with you will come correct to you. He’s not going to bring drama or heartache to your dootstep. He should’ve handled his business with his WIFE before stepping to Fantasia. He took an oath before God. How can you be so callous towards that? As far as Fantasia is concerned, she is NOT an innocent party in all of this. If she was any type of woman, she should want more for herself and demand it. A man will only treat you the way you allow him too, so if she likes the position she is in, so be it. The same way you get him is the same way you lose him. She has a lot to account for and she will. They both will.

  • Nene

    It dont seem like people were this angry when Alicia was almost in this exact same situation you know pregnant by a married man but the media just made it seem like a some kind of fairy tale..hmmm I wonder why????

  • Deedee

    Let tasia live her life … If that what she chooses to do oh well.. Life is to damn short to be worried about what the hell ppl think about you.. CONGRATS !!!!!

  • saywhat!

    Idk,but I got the feeling this dude is going to seriously regret this once the excitement of the glitz n glamour wear off n tht baby comes. I had a friend who did the same exact thing and in the end the dude resented her and they couldn’t get along after the baby was here. His wife was doing good and him n my friend was struggling to stay together. Babies change things and reality starts to set in. It’s fun when ur flying all over the world having a great time but now u got a new born, pending divorce and two other small children to care for by ur wife. Who do u think is gona wind up paying his child support for him? He probably quit his job becuz he sure can’t be still working at t-mobile and going on trips with her every other week. It ain’t no job with tht much vacation time. Plus I’m sure she is more than happy to pay his bills. Smh.

  • saywhat!

    Oh yeah BTW my friend is no longer with him and now has three more kids out of wedlock with three baby daddies.

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  • constance

    Fantasia keep doin you… don’t worry about them haters … we can’t control who we fall in love with …. and to all you haters I’m sorry someone took your man get over..Fantasia is not the blame!!!!

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