Think Basketball Wives Is Wild? Meet The Craziest Sports Wives And Girlfriends That Never Got A Reality Show

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These days, sports wives are just as famous as their sports spouses. They have TV shows, sponsorships, book deals, the works! And half of them are crazyyyyy…

But there are other sports wives that were worth tons of attention for their own craziness or ability to get attention. Here are some women we wished could have made it to a reality show.

Joumana Kidd – Jason Kidd’s wife is el pollo loco. In case you forgot, here’s what she allegedly did via court papers:

According to the court papers, Joumana’s “extreme cruelty” toward Kidd has included trying to make him look bad in front of the children by talking trash about his career – not to mention tossing paint on his beloved golf clubs.Kidd charges that his wife even recently used T.J. to “sneak into” the team’s locker room to rifle through his belongings and dig up dirt on him.On Dec. 27, she swiped his cellphone and then left the boy alone to take a front-row seat at the game – where she proceeded to openly taunt her husband with “personal insults,” the court papers allege.Sources said Joumana waved her hubby’s phone at him and punched in numbers from his personal address book as she screamed at him.Six days earlier, according to the papers, an irate Joumana sat on the hood of Kidd’s car and refused to budge, preventing him from getting to practice. “On other occasions, the defendant has laid in front of the plaintiff’s car in order to prevent him from attending professional obligations,” the papers claim. The “increasingly jealous and paranoid” Joumana, 34, also installed tracking devices on all of Kidd’s vehicles and computers to trace where he’s been and whom he’s been talking to, according to the legal document. Kidd says in the papers that his wife finally agreed to dismantle the devices after he confronted her – only to secretly reactivate them. Kidd also blames his wife for wildly lavish spending.

If half of that is true, we hope he got a restraining order!

Amber Rose – She was only a basketball girlfriend for as long as it takes a picture of Amare Stoudemire’s wang to get sent to a random groupie. But since the criteria for being a “basketball wife” is so light, she could definitely get a spot on a reality show. But…she’d probably have to keep her clothes on.

Cristal Taylor – She and her Geico caveman cakes had Dirk Nowitzki all messed up. He dated her despite the fact she was a con artist with a criminal record and she’d switched identities a million times. Now, she’s locked up…so no reality show for her. But the chick is half past crazy.

Mosha Lopatova – Utah Jazz star Andrei Kirilenko is married to a former Russian pop star. That’s one thing, but this chick gives him total permission to have sex with one person other than her a year! Has she found the cure to cheating? Either way, that’s insane.

Vanessa Bryant – Word on the street is Vanessa is full of drama. She allegedly broke up Pau Gasol and his boo, plus she apparently won’t let Kobe within a sniff of any ovary-toting human being. Not that we blame her.

Lisa Lopez – R.I.P. to Left Eye. But she was a psycho girlfriend! She burned down her and fiance Andre Rison’s mansion down! She wasn’t anything to trifle with, at all.

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    Siohvaugn Wade – D Wade’s ex-wife had a tough hand dealt to her. She got left for Gabrielle Union. However, she didn’t have to go crazy and sue Gabrielle Union for getting too big of a Christmas present, did she? That clearly didn’t work.

    Anna Benson – She’s been called the hottest wife in baseball, after getting married to Kris Benson. But she was such an attention whore that she was called a distraction to the Mets. Rumor even has it that Kris was traded to the Orioles to get him away from his psycho wife.

    Daniell Harper – Former Colt and Titan, Nick Harper was “accidentally” stabbed by his wife, Daniell. Of course, she was standing over him, swinging two other knives at the same time. So yeah, total accident.

    Carlita Hodges – Get this: after being estranged from her Chicago Bulls hubbie Craig, Carlita doused HIM with gasoline and tried to set him on fire!!! She takes the cake. Give her a show, now! “Perfect Ways To Get Back At Your D*ck Husband”

    LeBron’s Mom – Um…does she technically count as Delonte West’s girlfriend at some time? Let’s check with the judges…survey sayyyyyyssss…BINGO!

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    • Rocki

      So yall heard Vanessa Bryant “full of drama” and it was alleged that she “broke up” Pau and his fiance even tho Pau himself said it wasnt true and is still with his fiance…..hmmm seems like this blog is full of dislike for Mrs. Bryant and yall display that dislike with even post u write about her smh!

    • totallysane

      Jason Kidd’s wife takes the cake. She needs 2 b put on the psych ward. O girl who allows her husband 2 cheat once a yr. is only comforting herself cause she knows he is going 2 do it anyway but hey sounds good 2 me. Maybe im not totally sane after all

    • OK

      @MsKayeLove: ummmmm re-read the title of the article… #SMH

    • team nymphis

      don’t forget Sarah Palin…she got it in wit that NBA player and that bich is so crazy she thought she could be V.P of this entire country

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