Hey Big Spender: Baby Bump Bey-Bey And The Camel Make It Rain Over $1 Million To Keep The Mommy-Banger Healthy

- By Bossip Staff

Beyonce and Hovi Hov are sparing no expense when it comes to their lil prince or princess.

Reports have suggested that Beyoncé and Jay-Z will spend over £1million on their unborn child…before Queen B even gives birth.

According to Now magazine, the former Destiny’s Child star is taking no chances when it comes to her first pregnancy, with an insider claiming the huge amount of cash will be spend on her health.

A source told the publication: “Beyoncé’s waited a long time to have a baby and she’s determined to take good care of herself.”

“She’s paying a dietician to organise a food plan of natural organic meals for her, she’s having daily massages and she’s spent a fortune on lotions to prevent stretch marks and keep her feeling good.”

They added: “Beyoncé’s been told to look after herself like never before and Jay Z’s making sure she has everything she needs.”

It’s good to see that Bey is taking care of herself, we know damn well she doesn’t want to come back with stretch marks after she pops out her lil bundle of Hov.

via MTV UK

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  • T

    Damn a whole milli? Well this is their first baby. This gon be the most spoiled baby in the world. Lucky kid lol.

  • ARareBreed

    That’s extreme to spend that amount of money. If she’s genetically predisposed to having stretch marks, then she might get them, but I believe Bey won’t get stretch marks anyway because she took care of herself before she got pregnant through proper diet and exercise. The only thing she needs to do is continue with proper diet, exercise, and relax; and she’ll be just fine.

  • gina

    Mr. & Mrs. Carter that’s right do your little bit…and let GOD do His whole lot! Best Wishes.

    Moms “we” know the Super spiritual feeling of holding God’s most divine gift in our arms. Sometimes we get a little self and say to Dad ” just give me” the baby…lol…then you say STOP..its ok, yea its apart of his soul too..lol

  • LadyD

    Good for them. Pregnancy takes a lot out of a woman! Nothing wrong with doing whatever you can to keep mama feeling good while providing the best care for their unborn child.

  • kendra

    I think half of the money is for the immediate services of a plastic surgeon in case d kid comes out looking lyk jay!!!

  • http://t4d1s3@yahoo.com enough

    Kendra is funny. Of course when pregnant u have 2 take care of urself n order 2 take care of the baby properly. They have the money so they can do whatever they feel is going 2 help. Come on though enough is enough, the camel calling is 2 much. That man is a human not an animal.

  • http://n/a Fly Gurl

    There are thousands of babies being born as I’m writing at this moment. This is OVERKILL! They both need to humble themselves and trust that God will do the rest!

  • well ok

    I understand wanting bey to be healthy and spoiling the child…but what about Jay’s other son. Is he getting spoiled the same way? That child should be afforded the same opportunities as this one coming. #justathought

  • mama420

    Well-ok…….I love me some Bey and Jay……but you are so right. Im a mother and I can’t or won’t co-sign the neglect towards the other child if it is his child.

  • NolaNick

    I don’t think she’s really pregnant. They are going out of their way to show that they spared no expense to keep her healthy when they announce her “miscarriage”. Nobody spends that much money on prenatal health. Just my opinion.

  • gina

    Baby mamas don’t you wonder how Jayz’s alleged baby mama’s “dude” is treating her son? Baby mama how is your “dude” treating your child?

    Baby mamas are you making sure your “dude, man, etc is treating his children well? Baby Mamas make sure they have everything your children have.

  • Kutta Mo.Fo.


    I been sayin’ that same s*hit this whole time, I got reasons of my own too as well. It’s nice to know someone else is on the same page as I am.

  • Kutta Mo.Fo.

    @Fly Gurl

    Co-sign 100%

  • Sunni

    I love a good conspiracy as much as the next person, but I don’t get why some people believe she’s faking her pregnancy. I don’t see anything that would be gained by doing so. Dollars to donuts this article is speculation at best so the couple making a “show” of the pregnancy just doesn’t wash to me. I’m not knocking anyone’s thoughts, I’d just really like to know the basis of these theories.

  • Hey!

    Everyone has a mother so aren’t all mothers “baby mammas” at some point? A wife doesn’t have to be a mother, so why is “baby mama” considered negative? Just seems like an accurate description of a relationship. “Marriage” doesn’t automatically guarantee a stable relationship- hence divorce. I know plenty of bumpkins who married straight out of high school and couples who are in long-term relationships that aren’t married. What’s the big deal? Does the piece of paper validate relationship? If so, to whom? If the people involved aren’t concerned, why should someone on the outside have any say or judgment?

  • just sayin

    Some people on this site are so damn stupid. Please tell me why someone would think that bey is faking her pregnancy. Didnt we see her bare baby bump in a bikini the other week? And people still think she faking smh. She was already rich, successful, gets a lot of attention/press, etc way before she was even pregnant. So what would she gain from faking? Thats ridiculous. She pregnant with the most spoiled/loved/anticipated baby so get over it. And for the idiots who think jay got a secret son. Where’s ur proof? Where’s the dna test? Smh imma need for these bey n jay haters to get a life & stop making up bs. Folks are jealous cause jay n bey are happy.

  • gina

    @Anna Nicole bish I really hit a nerve..lol. Gurl you are so gulity and angry get on Maury and expose your mama and your five baby daddies to their wives! You ONE PENNY HOE!

    Take up the blight with your baby daddies and make sure you treat his other baby mamas kids right….your clearly a very angry baby mama! NO self respecting female should.allow anyone to refer to her as a baby mama because of the negative definition, its a mockery and the term is a joke! Demand respect as the ” mother” of his/your child!

  • NolaNick

    @ Kutta Mo.Fo…I have other ideas about it too, but I don’t want to deal with her “stans” b.s. I love a good, friendly give and take, but I don’t want to get involved in the ugliness they spew when it comes to their idol. I guess we’ll just see how it plays out.

  • Sunni

    Hey, NolaNick, I would genuinely like to know your thoughts…no ugliness here : +)

  • LiveLoveLaugh;)

    Some people just go too far! Just enjoy the pregnancy. Smh

  • Miss Tahbee

    If they have the money to do so why not? They are first time parents its understandable of them to be a bit extreme at times.

  • lady

    If so damn sick of those two…. how many more months do we have to put up with bullshid…..yall acting like she carring baby Jesus…..so sad….what a shame

  • aukira aka misscrazies

    they both look evil and ugly dey can go to hell and take there baby with them jayz iz against us not with us dumb foolz

  • dazzles

    Only black women are jealous of Beyonce…PATHETIC B*TCHES.

  • jbaby

    if i read another story bout bey ,jayz there not the first too have a baby n wont be the last..damn

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