Sorry Tina: You’re Not Solange’s Inspiration In Motherhood, A White Woman Is

- By Bossip Staff

Why is poor Solo still trying so hard to define herself?

Since the whole world is obsessed with Bey’s Bay Bump, the whole world finds it necessary to ask Solange about motherhood… six years after the fact.

And her answers aren’t always exactly what we would expect.

Solange Knowles may have a pregnant, world-famous sister, but for the time being, her mommy muse is a different well-known fashionista.

“Kate Moss is a role model for me. She’s fabulous,” the recording artist told Us Weekly at the “10 Years of Kate Moss and Rimmel” event in London on Thursday. “I mean she’s a working mother. Anyone who knows how to juggle those two elements and does it well I’m a big fan of.”

Knowles, 25, has a six-year-old son, Daniel Julez Smith, Jr., with her high school sweetheart Daniel Smith, so she knows how stressful it can be balancing motherhood and the celebrity day-to-day.

Wait, didn’t Kate Moss juggle drug addiction with motherhood too???


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  • Christielove1468

    This definitely will be a slap in Tina’s face,maybe Solange always felt like Tina acted more like a mother to her famous sibling Beyonce all these years and may felt slighted.


    She’s joking right? Kate Moss is a coke wh0r3! Not only has Kate admitted to being a drug addict she’s even stated time after time that she’s not a role model. Does Solange really know who Kate Moss is?

  • saywhat!

    Umm she commented for the Kate Moss 10yr event! What was she suppose to say, tht she was a ef up loser who was caught b4 using coke!? Get real, tht is Hollywood. Of course she’s gona make a positive comment.

  • November

    I agree with Christie. I remember when they did an episode of MTV Cribs and Bey was looking really pretty with a “fabulous genie in a bottle” themed room. And poor Solange bedroom was in the garage and she looked like she just got done raking leaves. LOL!… but its true

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