#TooMuchDoubt: Former Chief Of The FBI Calls Shenanigans On Troy Davis Execution Order

- By Bossip Staff

How is it that this man is still scheduled to die next week?

The FBI Chief who served under the Reagan, Bush and Clinton administrations has jumped into the fight to get Troy Davis off death row and possibly out of prison.

The execution of Troy Davis, a Georgia death row inmate scheduled to die in less than a week, should be halted because of “pervasive, persistent doubts” about his guilt, said William S. Sessions, a former federal district judge in Texas and FBI director under Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton, in a sharply-worded editorial on Thursday.

“Serious questions about Mr. Davis’ guilt, highlighted by witness recantations, allegations of police coercion, and a lack of relevant physical evidence, continue to plague his conviction,” Sessions wrote. He urged a state pardons board to commute the sentence to life in prison.

The unusual plea from Sessions, which appears in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, is the latest high-profile call for clemency for Davis, whose looming execution has become a lightning rod for national and international criticism. Among those who have called for a halt to the execution, scheduled for Sept. 21 at 7 p.m., are Pope Benedict XVI, former President Jimmy Carter and the leadership of the NAACP and Amnesty International.

Davis, 42, was convicted of murdering Mark MacPhail, an off-duty Savannah police officer shot to death while coming to the aid of a homeless man being assaulted in a parking lot in the early morning of Aug.19, 1989. The murder weapon was never recovered and no physical evidence was found linking Davis to the crime, and he has always maintained that another man at the scene was responsible for the shooting.

Jesus be a stay of execution…


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  • http://t4d1s3@yahoo.com sick

    Man this is sad. i cant really say my opinion on this because i dont know the entire case. it sounds like he needs 2 b set free. We think murder is a hard charge 2 pin on some1 but the state has 2 put the crime on some1. its sad, and i know because i have seen it 1st hand. hopefully something happens 2 spare his life if he is innocent

  • latrina thompson

    It seemes to me that if the goverment is going to take a life the least they can do is make sure that there is no reasonable doubt i mean the united states would’nt dare incarsarate a person if he is not guitly…oh i forgot we do that evryday

  • Christielove1468

    I feel truly bad for Troy,time is running out for him. If an predator like Shyteek Johnson can be released out of prison after intentionally infecting twelve women with aids,there should be a way to spare Troy’s life.

  • ChinaDoll37

    Dear God..we need u now more than ever.We need you to show up and do what ONLY you can do!…pls spare this mans life…may ur will be done.In Jesus name.AMEN!

  • Cush33

    This is so sad. There is no evidence connecting him to the crime. I read this store on another page and almost all the witness recanted there store. This case is made up of witness who now say there was forced to say Troy did it. If there is no evidence life should be enough. I pray this man receive clemency.

  • lern 2 spel dumeez

    An interesting “store” indeed. The US should set him free and “incarsarate” the scores of illiterate mo-mo’s who plague this site instead

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