What Is Wrong With This Picture: Nicki Minaj Mean Muggin’ Through The Airport

- By Bossip Staff

Here is Nicki Minaj on the escalator at LAX. Any guess why she looks so annoyed?

Oh. This n-word.


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  • http://Bossip Shunni bunni

    Smh…. After he has beaten her and all she still messing with him…..smh…. Whats wrong with this picture? Alot……

  • Sharie

    Maybe the mop on her head is too heavy….

  • Christina

    @dazzle please explain. How does a black woman who wears different color wigs wants to be white? Hmmmm so white ppl are the only race allowed to wear color wigs. As a recently college graduated I didn’t know that.

  • Cici & Coco -The Besties

    Shes probably pondering how long shes gnna let herself be an industry puppet. Dazzle is a mexican.

  • aukira aka misscrazies

    she probably wants to go get laid after all her tape was reaveled and shes mad cause she gets pushed around like a puppy by everone loll nicki grow yo self up u illuminati puppet

  • dazzles

    Look how angry you b*tches are and you wonder why black love is dead & your men are coming to us in PACKS. BLACK WOMEN ARE AMERICAS BIGGEST ON-GOING JOKE.

  • maya

    Black men flock to white women bcuz its no limit to what u wont put up with. There are just some things a strong women will not tolerate. I think the jokes on u

  • matiah

    Y’all r so funny

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