Floyd Mayweather Knocks Out Victor Ortiz And Curses Out Larry Merchant Becoming The Most Hated Black Man In America… But We Still Love Him! [Video]

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(This Person In The Below Paragraph Is Not Black)


You paid your seventy bucks, invited Bob and Jorge over, ordered a pizza, Modelo, and told everyone at work how much “Victor had a chance.” You’ve never liked Floyd and finally feel someone has a chance to beat him. Victor is bigger and younger than Floyd, unlike that Marquez guy you picked in the begining, but used the size advantage as a reason after Money May destroyed him… no-no. Victor can get up from a brutal punch and is a kid compared to Floyd. Hell, Vic is stronger. That is the rationale of people wanting to see Floyd lose.

They paid money to see him lose… not to see him win.


Floyd Mayweather Jr. defeated Victor Ortiz in what people are saying is “A Controversial K.O.”, but to us it was perfectly legal. Victor got EXACTLY what he wanted. The fight was clean the first 3-rounds and Victor couldn’t lay a clean punch to save his life. Every attempted flurry was met with a smirk-frown and a “SMH” by Floyd saying “You never really touched me.” Before the fight Victor called Floyd dirty, but he took the fight into the dirt when in the 4th, he intentionally headbutted Floyd. The 4th round headbutt to Floyds mouth was right after an exchange where Victor threw 6-punches (Floyd Didn’t Run) at Money May standing right in front of him, didn’t connect one and Floyd gave him a grin and the signature “SMH.” Victor was frustrated and finally starting to see why Floyd is the best! Victor then in pure anger headbutted Floyd in his bottom lip busting it open.

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  • TheBarberLasy

    Seriously…..who are those twins who are always at EVERY fight, in the ring, with the winner? Who are they?

  • Msking

    That was a good fight! I just don’t understand why people are so mad at mayweather ? I wached it and the reef clearly told them to fight . It’s not mayweathers fault that Ortiz still wanted to kiss and hug. He was supposed to protect his self at all times , and everybodys not being mad at Ortiz for fighting dirty and head butting him , that was a dirty move..

  • hey

    Floyd beat that hispanic man azz and has a hispanic women. Hispanics must be upset lol

  • Chonan

    Floyd monkey mayweather u a fake chump I mean chimp oops champ like Roy to blk Jones

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