Rihanna Puts Her Lil Cake And Cleavage Game On Full Blast While Performing In Brazil

- By Bossip Staff

Here is Rihanna, her hips, and those lil backs of hers performing in São Paulo, Brazil this weekend.

Dayyuuummmm Rih Rih!!!

Peep more pics when you flip thru the pages….

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  • ok!

    Ok no shade but here a question…what rihanna gonna do when the “hits” run out? She can’t entertain other than what u see above anyway nice bod gurl 😉

  • zip zap

    And this is important because …

  • fo'real tho

    @ok! Where’s the difference rihanna is a studio artist which different from a entertainer like MJ,beyonce,CB,usher,janet etc those r artist who delivered in the studio and on the stage rihanna is u call a hit girl,her light will soon be put out bc the the thing about hits girls r these always million of them out there and rihanna knows this so she’s milking the cow dry and I can’t blame her she doing what I would…yes she has no talented bone in her body(nice body tho) but hey its what we call talent nowadays we just have to deal for the 5 yrs r so.

  • aukira aka misscrazies

    ohh wow when rihanna first came out i didnt like her and i dont like her now n i neva will she is ugly n a devil worshipper

  • kanye shruggg....

    I’m just convinced that her team of folks that write all her songs and the lable that makes her entire cd a single so she’s constantly in the radio…they are forcing her down our throats. She is working on her 6th cd….Beyonce gets booed and she is had 4 cd’s and 16 Grammys. I saw Rhianna live….her little off key strip show….not a good look.. she’s a studio girl…for sure…

  • afutko

    Ever since Chris gave her that 2pc and a biscuit, she lost her mind.

  • Lisa

    Keep soaring Ri the haters will continue to hate and their lives will continue to be miserable while this 23 year old lives her life and her dreams to the fullest. You people need to understand 1 thing No One, No Hate No wishing can stop what blessings are in store for someone, but by being hateful and disgusting to others you can block your OWN blessings.

  • Cici & Coco -The Besties

    Shutup lisa. Anyway whered that body come from! She looks better thicker.

  • Blue Moon

    ^^^ bwahahaha

  • Mariah

    @Lisa < u r so rite, blacks always hate on thier own. And they do cause thier blessings to b blocked but of course they r so dumb to the fact of blessings and curses.

  • youknowitstrue

    say what you will abt rihanna but she is flyy as they come


    @Mariah… you sound absolutely ignorant. Bringing race into the situation is totally a sign of your own shortcomings. Do you think being a hateful racist will get you into heaven? If you do then I suggest you read your bible sweetie. I personally can care less about any of these celebrities and wish them all the best but I love to read the comments that some of you cyber racist leave. Please note that not all black people hate because some of us are to busy getting our money and education. A word of advice don’t be so bold to say things in cyber space that you wouldn’t say to a group of well educated blacks that would chew your ignorant behind up and spit you out. Grow up and do something other than search this black media site talking trash…whew now that I got that off my chest on to the next one… toodles 😉

  • renee


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