Rappers React To Mayweather Fight (Do You Think It Was Dirty?)

- By Bossip Staff

Floyd Mayweather Jr. defeated opponent Victor Ortiz last night in Las Vegas in a fight that controversially allowed him to keep his undefeated record.

Ortiz attempted a headbutt on Mayweather and the fight was briefly stopped by referee Joe Cortez, but when Ortiz went to apologize a second time to Floyd, Flyod caught him off guard and knocked him out.

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  • ChinaDoll37

    1st rule of boxing…NEVER let ur guard down! TEAMMAYWEATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • smokey

    Got what he deserves, he started fighting dirty…. lol got outsmarted

  • Greeneyedbandit

    Thats what got Evander Holyfield ear bit off,headbuttin Iron Mike.

  • Greeneyedbandit

    Headbuttin will get u knocked out! Lol

  • Wtfever

    This title-lol as if because a rapper speaks about the outcome of this fight and “supposed” controversy that it somehow makes them an authority on the sport their people just like us with opinions and mine is that the win was fair. Ortiz was did what u dont do in boxing, let your guard down.

  • aukira aka misscrazies

    teammm mayyweatherrr neva let ur gaurd down i love u flyd money may weather

  • Sam

    Why does floyd continue to dodge Manny?????

  • rudeashell.com

    Floyd will not fight Manny for one resason: he would put his title in jeopardy. Mayweather has built his legacy on fighting prize fighters with household names- AFTER their prime. Ortiz is a good fighter but not polished enough to win. Manny is one of the few that would make Mayweather earn that title: hence the roadblocks put in place by RMG.

  • Me

    Floyd don’t want Manny though. Enough said!

  • Amethyst

    I hhhhhaaaatttteeeee Mayweathers arrogant @$$! But I must give respect where respect is due, he’s a damn good boxer foul play or not, he outsmarted that nigg

  • Sursum ad Summum

    Protect yourself at ALL times is a basic pre fight instruction.
    Fight PAQ man now Money !

  • judge Pookie

    Upon further review :
    not only did Ortiz head butt, he also ran the underside of his gloves across Money’s face.
    PERFECT ENDING . boxing neophyte pisses off future hall of famer and gets knocked the fk out !

  • jesse


    Dont you get it?

    Manny doesn’t want to be roid tested too close to the fight.

    Do I need to explain more?

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