Put On Blast: 10 Of The Worst Reported Celebrity Tippers

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Which of these ballin’ a$$ celebs would you expect to be THE worst tipper of all time?

You can tell a lot about a person based on the way they treat complete strangers. Not how they treat their loved ones, friends, and family, but by the way they behave toward Dave the mailman, or Donna the secretary, or even Randy…the waiter. Celebrities are used to getting all kinds of perks for free despite the fact that most of them definitely have the money to buy them. So when your favorite actor is dining out at a nice restaurant one would think that showing some gratitude in the form of a tip would be easy and generous.

Not the case.

We’ve gathered a list of some famous rich folks that are reported to be the WORST tippers in the world!

Flip through to see if the man or woman of your dreams is a stingy mofo…

The Jell-O pudding superstar has also made an appearance on several “bad tipper” lists, including one that said he left $3 on a $350 tab. C’mon Bill! We know you still got that Jell-O gwap poppin’ off!

‘Entourage’ star Jeremy Piven has brought some of his on-screen @$$hole to the dinner table with one incident that landed him near the top of several “worst tipper lists”. At a dinner party at upscale restaurant Nobu, Piven is said to have left a signed ‘Entourage’ DVD as a tip after being unsatisfied with his service. Hopefully, eBay or Craigslist netted the server a couple dollars…

“King” James made a major dining faux pas when visiting one of his favorite hometown steakhouses in Cleveland. After forcing the restaurant to remain open until 4am, racking up a $800 check, the business-man left a punk-@$$ $10 tip. Way to go Bron-Bron…smh

The “Material Girl” must have forgotten that people work for money to be able to buy said “materials”. Not only does she cheap tips, sometimes she doesn’t leave one at all. She is accused of once leaving $18 on a $400

Stories of huge dinner parties, diva demands, astronomical tabs, and very little tips seem to be par for the course for Carey Cannon. Mi-Mi probably feels that her presence and cleavage is plenty “tip” for those who wait on her hand and foot. SMH

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    Usher is said to not only be a bad tipper, but often doesn’t want to pick up the tab when dining with others. Didn’t Confessions sell like…10 million copies??

    How do you run a cooking/lifestyle show and have the nerve not to tip? Reports say Ray has been on several lists of bad tippers, even one that claimed she left $1 on a $10 bill. Not cool Rachael!

    Although Penn is said to be very charitable with his time, he does not seem to be as generous with his money. According to Glamorati the two-time Oscar winner does not often leave tips, $450 tab, $0 left for the server. What part of the game is that?

    Tiger Woods and his billion dollar (well, half billion not thanks to Elin) swag are said to be at the TOP of most lists as the WORST celebrity tipper. His excuse? He rarely carries cash. According to one report his “women friends” usually have to tip for him when they hit the town. There is even one more egregious story of Tiger taking back a $5 tip from a waitress after he realized that he already tipped her earlier that evening. If Bernie Mac was still alive we think he call Tiger a “dirty summamab!*$#”

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    • msbliss

      No1 on this list surprised me but rachel, bill, & sean. But I myself am guilty of not tipping *well*. Its not that I don’t want to but when you spend so much on the actual food & then add the tip U feel lik “damn, I just shoulda went grocery shoppin instead”. Lol @least I do.

    • shamekabrown

      WOW LEBRON!!! && USHER

    • Christielove1468

      A few years back,Madonna was attending an auction on items that she donated from her purse for a charity. Madonna had nerve to urge the crowd not to be cheap and pay top dollar while the auctioneer was bidding on her items,etc. Lip gloss. Yet Madonna is cheap herself,lol.

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